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Harvest Week

In the early part of September here in Denver many of the top restaurants are taking part in the first-annual Harvest Week. In an effort to “go green”, support local farmers/ranchers/etc, and raise awareness, each restaurant is highlighting a meal from their menu that focuses on local products; whether it’s vegetables that are grown locally or wines made in Colorado or beef raised right here in the area. It’s a wonderful effort, not only for the folks who come to enjoy these amazing “home-grown” meals, but also for the restaurants themselves to make connections with local producers and hopefully discover the wonderful resources that are available right in our own backyard and to further efforts to minimize the “footprint” caused by shipping products in from such far away places.

Highland’s Garden Cafe is taking part and asked me to photograph the meal they’ve created for Harvest Week. Here are the photos from that photo shoot. And yes, I certainly did enjoy eating this meal after my work was done!

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