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Monthly Photo Contest

For about the last year and a half I’ve been running a friendly little monthly photo contest. The contestants and the voters are spread around the world and everyone seems to really have fun with it. Each month we have a new theme and each submit 3 of our top photos from the month– things like “Cold”, “Animals”, “Film Noir”, etc. The last one was “Diptych– a pair of photos of the same subject with a different perspective or point in time” and I happened to win this month. Here’s one of my 3 photos that received the most votes.   

Berkeley Lake - Brian Kraft Photo

I planned it out and took the dry one first- thinking it would probably snow again here in Denver before the end of April. And it did, but man… I was miserable out there. It had been so warm the many days before and I figured it was just a warm-ish snow day… I went out (walking from my house) with not enough layers on and the wind was whipping across the lake into my eyes as I approached the spot. I could barely even keep my eyes open to see where I was walking. Freezing. I fired off about 5 shots hoping I’d nail the same placement and angle and all- since I couldn’t stand to sit there and inspect the earlier shots that I still had on my camera- not to mention trying to protect my camera and lens from getting drenched. I got the photos and got out of there fast. Glad it paid off though and helped me with the win.

You can take a look at the full results and all entries. If you are interested in joining in as a voter just contact me brian@briankraft.com If you’d like to participate as a contestant you can also email me. We’re also open to suggestions for the monthly theme ideas– again, email me!

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