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Fuji X100S – Action Photos

Fuji X100S action photos. What better subject than your constantly moving toddler? This post and set of photos is actually quite apropos, since today there was quite a lot of discussion on different photography forums about just how good or bad the X100S AF system is. Particularly compared to the original X100, but probably more importantly between the X100S and its two common firmware versions. Version 1.00 and version 1.01. There seems (“seems”) to be a pattern emerging where many photographers with the later, version 1.01 are complaining of certain situations with the auto focus speed behaving even slower than the often maligned X100’s AF system. If there truly is a problem with version 1.01, most users seem confident that Fuji will act as it has in the past and make improvements with further firmware updates and make an already amazing camera even better. I am also quite confident in that.

For my own experience? Well, I’m still using a pre-production firmware version and so I really don’t know if my camera behaves like 1.00 or 1.01 or like something completely different. I will say that the auto focus is generally excellent and overall much better than the X100. I do have the occasional “red box” when the camera has failed to lock focus. And I can’t quite figure out the rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it’s in low light, sometimes it’s in very nice light. But today, I went out with my daughter to the park to prove (mostly to myself…but feel free to join with me) that the X100S is quite capable of really amazing auto focus. To give you an idea… my daughter is fast. And moves unpredictably. And the vast majority of these shots are at f/2.8. And all others at f/4.0. So there was certainly no zone focusing going on. You tell me what you think? I’m quite pleased!

 Fuji X100S Action 001

Fuji X100S Action 002

Fuji X100S Action 003

Fuji X100S Action 004

Fuji X100S Action 005

Fuji X100S Action 006

Fuji X100S Action 007

Fuji X100S Action 008

Fuji X100S Action 009

Fuji X100S Action 010

Fuji X100S Action 011

Fuji X100S Action 012

Fuji X100S Action 013

Fuji X100S Action 014

Fuji X100S Action 015

Fuji X100S Action 016

Fuji X100S Action 017

Fuji X100S Action 018

Fuji X100S Action 019

Fuji X100S Action 020

Fuji X100S Action 021

Please look around the blog some more and check out more of my work with the X100, X100S, and my wedding photography.

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2 Responses

  1. nice images, love that B/W one second last, what an expression :-)

    March 29, 2013 at 6:35 am

  2. Tim

    Hi! Nice photo! I really want to do something like this. It looks like they’re somehow with lowered contrast. In stead being black, the dark part looks grayish.Could you tell me how you made it? cuz I’m using a fuji X100 but can’t get the same effect, nor can I do it with Aperture.
    Thanks a lot!

    March 30, 2013 at 9:52 pm

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