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The Results: x100s vs Canon 5d Mark III with 35L 1.4

If you haven’t played along yet (LOOK AWAY!) and check out the guessing game and try to determine which is the X100S ($1300) and which is the Canon 5D3 with 35L ($5000), then come back here to find the answer.

The results are in and guesses from mostly photography enthusiasts and professionals show that 54% guessed it correctly and 46% guessed it incorrectly (you could have more of a gap flipping a coin 25 times!).

The answer:

#1 is the X100S

#2 is the Canon 5D3/35L combo.

Obviously they are fairly different cameras in how they function, but for situations where their specific functionality won’t be playing an important role and when your output size will not be really huge (16mp vs 22mp, respectively), even at ISO 3200 as this test was performed– image quality is amazingly close. Not exactly the same, but so very close. I admit, I would even have a hard time giving a confident answer.



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