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Post-Dinner Party

Sunday morning. After a fun evening at the dinner party we hosted last night. I thought that while I got together a handful of photos I took during the past week while doing nothing in particular (driving, walking, chilling) that the piles of dishes in the kitchen would have cleaned themselves. Boy was I wrong. I just checked and I’m pretty sure those dirty dishes have started to multiply. Well now that I’ve got these photos together, I guess it’s time to go clean the dishes. But first, let me ease the pain a little with pleasant reminders of the fun we had while dirtying those plates.

Elizabeth is the queen of the dinner party. Her menus and meals are always unreal– all from scratch. Russian cheese bread (inside- goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions); mixed spring green salad with candied walnuts, grilled asparagus, and a roasted shallot vinaigrette; creamy potato leak soup topped with roasted red peppers; pan seared swordfish in a parsley (from our garden) pesto; orange essence crepes filled with fresh whipped cream and covered in a lavender infused honey. Um, yeah. We all had a lot of fun dining outside on our patio in the perfect evening air. Lots of laughs. Lots. I think my cheeks are still hurting. Ok, the photos… 

OK, to the dishes…

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