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2013 Photography Favorites

Photography Favorites. As we celebrate a new year, it’s always fun to look back on the previous year of photography and all the great moments and people along the way. So that’s what this post is about. Now, there’s awful lot missing from this post too. I didn’t include any of the numerous wonderful family portrait sessions, or baby sessions, or commercial shoots I did. This has a little more of a narrow focus– mostly engagement photography and wedding photography, as well as just a couple “personal” photos thrown in for good measure. Even that had to be narrowed down–by a LOT! I started by throwing some favorites in the hat and then saw I had close to 1,500 photos that I absolutely loved. Way too many! So, finally… painfully… I cut that by more than 1/10th. So here we are– an incredibly thin slice of the awesomeness that was 2013! Thank you all who helped to make it such a great year. And just as much as I loved every moment here, I look forward to 2014 with just as much excitement! In no particular order…

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Senior Portraits – Wash Park – Denver

I love to photograph weddings. But if someone told me I could no longer photograph weddings (now, why would they do that!? …it’s ok, just play along), I would focus my attention more fully on senior portraits. They are always so much fun and I love that seniors come to the photo shoots ready to be part of the creative process. Or for the less enthused–at least open to doing fun and unique things. Demi was certainly excited to work at getting the best photos we could. Now, it’s probably impossible to tell here, but it was COLD!!! The day started out warm, but all of a sudden it got amazingly cold. We were doing the photography at Wash Park in Denver and in an open park space, particularly right next to Smith Lake where the boathouse is, it was extra windy and making it that much more cold. I was so impressed with Demi though–she was sticking to it, determined to get some great senior portraits with me. I can understand though–as they told me, they spent forever searching for Colorado senior portrait photographers that they loved and were so happy when they finally found me (quite flattering!). It was evident that a little bit of cold for a little while was a small sacrifice for them. All I know is–next time I’m bringing a backup jacket! All that aside, it was such a great time and I’m so pleased to share some of our photos with you here. Enjoy!

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