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Architecture Photography

I was hired by a firm that builds buildings to photograph a couple of the commercial spaces they built. The first location to get photos of was an architecture firm in Denver, which is a little funny since I was doing architecture photography. It was a beautiful place in Downtown. One of the challenges of doing architecture photography is the light, especially coming through windows, which can create shadowed or overly bright (or both!) areas which lack good detail. I use a method I created– well maybe other commercial photographers are using the method, I don’t know, but it’s a method I came up with that I really like. It’s essentially taking various multiple exposures of the same scene and unlike many photographers, I’m manually bringing them all together into the same photo to bring out the best of each exposure. The 2nd location we went to was in Lone Tree, Colorado. It was a beautiful dentist’s office. To see additional architecture photography head on over to the main site.

Denver Architecture Photography

Denver Architecture Photographer

Colorado Architecture Photographer