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Automotive Photography

You know Car Talk? Well there’s the national guys on talk radio. There’s also a pair of guys on a Clear Channel radio station in Colorado. They hired me to photograph them along side a couple of their cars. The location was a park in Denver where we could have somewhat of a mountain background in the photos. I don’t know how they chose which cars to bring, considering one of the talk show hosts told me he owns 80 cars. What!? Where do you put 80 cars? In a traffic jam I’ve seen 80 cars, but not many other places. One of the hosts, John Rush, brought a giant white truck. It looked more like a motel than something to travel in. And quite to the other end of the spectrum, host, Donny Seyfer, brought a little zippy looking orange car. I photographed them in front of their cars, inside their cars, and away from their cars. It was a fun little commercial photoshoot. That’s something great about doing work as a commercial photographer, there is always something new and different to photograph.

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