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Studio Headshots

I recently had the always-fun folks from the dental office of Endodontic Associates over to my studio in Denver. We got some nice headshots of everyone as well as a couple of group photos. After finishing up in the studio, we went outdoors and got group photographs for the cover of a regional Colorado trade and lifestyle magazine they were featured in. To see more headshots, portraits, wedding photography and more definitely check out the main website- http://www.BrianKraft.com

Brian Kraft Photography Studio Headshots DenverDenver Staff Portraits - Brian Kraft Photography www.BrianKraft.com

Business Headshots

A Colorado area executive, Robert, came to the studio to do some business headshots. While we were at it, we also did some more casual photos. We also did some with his pet- a beautiful golden retriever dog. Along with being a business executive, he trains dogs. Added to that he is also a volunteer firefighter in the Denver area. He brought his fireman uniform, so we did some photographs with him all geared up. I liked the idea of adding some red lighting to mimic the idea of fire, which I think added a nice mood. For additional business headshots and casual photos head on over to the main site.

Denver Colorado Corporate Executive Headshot - www.BrianKraft.com

Denver Fireman Photography - www.BrianKraft.com

Denver Colorado Dog Trainer Photographer - www.BrianKraft.com

Automotive Photography

You know Car Talk? Well there’s the national guys on talk radio. There’s also a pair of guys on a Clear Channel radio station in Colorado. They hired me to photograph them along side a couple of their cars. The location was a park in Denver where we could have somewhat of a mountain background in the photos. I don’t know how they chose which cars to bring, considering one of the talk show hosts told me he owns 80 cars. What!? Where do you put 80 cars? In a traffic jam I’ve seen 80 cars, but not many other places. One of the hosts, John Rush, brought a giant white truck. It looked more like a motel than something to travel in. And quite to the other end of the spectrum, host, Donny Seyfer, brought a little zippy looking orange car. I photographed them in front of their cars, inside their cars, and away from their cars. It was a fun little commercial photoshoot. That’s something great about doing work as a commercial photographer, there is always something new and different to photograph.

Denver Commerical Photography - www.BrianKraft.com

Colorado Commercial Photographer - www.BrianKraft.com

Clear Channel Photographer - www.BrianKraft.com

Radio Show Photographer - www.BrianKraft.com