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Destination Wedding Photographer – Mexico Trip

As any Denver wedding photographer will tell you- this area and all around Colorado is an incredible place for photography. But sometimes even the true Colorado diehards like a change of scenery. Some couples are making the decision to head somewhere a little more tropical for their wedding photography. When they’ve found the right photographer, it’s not that much more to bring them along when they understand the value of photography and how those photos will be enjoyed for a lifetime and handed down for generations beyond. Destination wedding photography is just as important as the wedding photography you’d want right at home, so it’s not advised to rely on a particular resort’s recommended photographer. Often since those photographers are usually trained on the job and were not originally hired because of their vast experience or creative eye. They are often loaned equipment that is not at the level you’d want for your wedding photography. For me, working both as a Colorado wedding photographer and as a destination wedding photographer I’m given opportunities to make the special trip down to Caribbean locations in Mexico or where ever the couple decides is their special destination location. It’s thrilling to be a part of people’s special wedding days and to provide photos that are special to them. Here are a few of the many special photos I captured on my last trip to Mexico for this wonderful couple’s destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Mexico
Destination Wedding Photographer
Denver Wedding Destination
Destination Wedding Photographers
Denver Wedding Photographers
Denver Wedding Photographer
Wedding Destination Photography
Destination Sunset

Metro Denver Dental Society

These portaits I did were for the chairmen of the Metro Denver Dental Society (MDDS) and for the magazine- Doctors of Dentistry. This was also leading up to the big 101st annual Rocky Mountain Dental Convention at the Denver Convention Center which I had a press pass to.

I set up this photoshoot right on the edge of LoDo in downtown Denver in the hopes of putting the chairmen in the setting of Denver with the upcoming convention in mind. We were near Confluence Park as well which allows for nice views of the Rocky Mountains, another setting that seemed fitting to tie together with the upcoming convention. We didn’t have our typical blue skies, but that’s ok. Being a professional photographer in Denver, I like how there are great locations like this to photograph. The first image was for the magazine cover, which I needed to leave room for the title, as well as the callouts on the side listing the articles within. The second photo of the “suits” was for inside the magazine.

Rocky Mountian Dental Convention

Metro Dental Dentist Society Chairmen

Noah Turns 1

Adorable little Noah came by to be the star for his 1 year birthday. We did some shots in the studio as well as outside. He had a lot of fun and so did I. His mom was striving to become a better photographer herself, so I told her about the lessons I offer. She became one of my students and she’s on the path to becoming quite good.

portrait www.BrianKraft.com

portrait www.BrianKraft.com

portrait www.BrianKraft.com