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Lifestyle Photography

When I do couples photography it’s usually for a wedding, engagement session, or maternity session. But sometimes I’ll photograph more as a lifestyle photographer and simply capture the couple just as they are. These Colorado natives (a rare thing these days) hadn’t had portraits done since their wedding, so they asked me to so in my Denver studio. It was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde portrait session. The first half was more traditional posing of the loving couple– innocent, fun, both with religious crosses around their necks. And then the second half was clearly marked when he changed outfits (gold teeth, rings, and all) to put on a more dramatic urban look and feel. Their whole demeanor changed to a more tough hip-hop attitude. As a professional photographer I’m always trying to bring out the personality of the people I photograph, so I completely went with it to enhance the whole look. I got some more dramtic lighting set up in my studio and even went with a matching color scheme- adding some red to my background light. He also wanted some shots by himself. I don’t know what he wanted to do with his individual photograph, but I think it would make a great album cover to his debut hip-hop record. I think they all turned out great and had a lot of fun with it.

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Family Portraits- Christmas in Denver

Christmas is a great time for a family to gather and spend quality time together. The Sniders collected in Denver (near Centennial) from various parts of the country for the holidays. They asked me to come to their home that was beautifully decorated to photograph the family and children. I did newborn photos of their youngest child when he was just 8 days old about 11 months earlier in my studio. It was a pleasure to see how he had grown as he approached being a toddler. We did a variety of different family groupings, but some of my favorite photos were of the little one playing with his model trains beneath the christmas tree. I also loved him in his other outfit of a flat cap and knit plaid sweater vest. A very handsome look on a little tike like him.

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