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Downtown Engagement Photographer Preview

Downtown Engagement Photographer Preview. There’s nothing quite like capturing the love of an amazing couple and framing it with the beautiful architecture of Downtown Denver. Rae and Cody are an electrifying duo who are full of energy, and I had such a blast keeping up with them as we strolled through the city. In anticipation of the full story, enjoy this brief glimpse of their day in Denver.

Natural Light engagement photographer

Downtown Engagement Photographer Denver
Stay tuned for the full spread of photos from this shoot coming soon! Thanks for checking out my engagement photography. Look around some more and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Denver Musician Photography

Denver musician photography– I got the opportunity to photograph a local Colorado musician, Sarah Goss, in anticipation of her soon-to-be released album.

Please press play to listen to her amazing music while you view a collection of  the promo photos we created together.

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Denver Musician Photographer

Denver Musician Photography

Denver Musician Photos

Colorado Photographer


Music Photographer

Littleton Photographer

Artistic Portrait Photographer

Denver Portrait Photographer

Beautiful Portraits

Unique Portraits

Colorado Musician Photographer

Album cover Photography

Double Exposure


Colorado Funeral Photography

I had never been asked about doing funeral photography before. Honestly, I had never even heard of the idea before I got the call. It only took me a few moments, once I thought about it to realize, in a way, it’s very similar to wedding photography. They are both key milestones and really, at the heart of it–they are both celebrations of life. There are very different emotions around both events, but we are honoring our loved ones in very deep and special ways. And as I’ve shed tears of joy while photographing my couples’ weddings, I found it even harder not to get pulled into the raw emotions I was there to document. And these kind people, whom I had only met as the events were unfolding, and one woman whose life we were celebrating and bidding a farewell to, whom I had never met, I couldn’t help but feel tied to. For a short moment that day, I became unified with everyone there–one family of people. Tears were shed and hugs were given and one more offering I’m pleased to share are these photos. In loving memory.

Please be sure to also check out some other types of life celebrations I photography, like my wedding photography.

Red Rocks Engagement Photography

Just outside of Denver is an amazing place– Red Rocks Amphitheater. It has to be the most picture perfect place in Colorado to see concerts. Not only does it offer great music, but is a wonderful place to admire the beautiful scenery while hiking, biking, running, or just having a relaxing day out in nature. It’s also the perfect backdrop for photography– for an engagement session or for wedding photography. I went there with a nice couple, Amy and Aaron, whose wedding I will be photographing this Summer in Breckenridge. We had a very nice time together– getting to know each other better, discussing details of the wedding, and it gave them an opportunity to become comfortable in front of the camera.  Spending a couple of hours photographing couples before their wedding always proves to make the day of the wedding photography so easy for the couples. They know exactly what to do- whether it’s just being themselves during candid moments or falling into very natural poses. Here are some of their photos. To view more engagement photography, check out more here.

Wedding Photography in Colorado

Red Rocks Colorado

Beautiful Location in Colorado

Denver Wedding Couple

Natural Couple

Field of Flowers

Colorado Wedding

I photographed Kelly and Travis’ wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was. I just love being a Colorado wedding photographer because of all the scenic opportunities it brings. This wedding had some of that, but it started out in a most beautiful chapel. It was at the Shove Chapel in Colorado Springs. From a photography standpoint it was a challenge since the chapel is incredibly dark. But that is when having the top-of-the-line equipment comes in very handy. Any photographer with out the best cameras and lenses would not have been able to capture those beautiful moments in such a dark place. I have had guests of other weddings, with other photographers, in this very chapel say the wedding photos did not turn out at all. That is such a shame!! Many brides and grooms probably don’t quite understand the challenges photographers face with low lighting, so they should really be sure their wedding photographer has top-of-the-line cameras and lenses. I’m happy I do and am able to capture amazing photographs from the day! In fact, all of the outdoor photos shown here were taken at the country club after the sun had set. Without needing to use artificial lighting, I was able to exposure the photos with plenty of light– thanks to my high-end gear and knowing just how to use it. See even more wedding photography in more of my galleries.

Colorado Wedding Photographer - www.BrianKraft.com

Wedding-Photographer-Denver - www.BrianKraft.com

Mountain-Wedding-Photographer - www.BrianKraft.com

Fun-Bridal-Party - www.BrianKraft.com

Wedding-Kiss-Photography - www.BrianKraft.com

Colorado-Mountain-Wedding - www.BrianKraft.com

Wedding-Photographer - www.BrianKraft.com

Christmas Portraits

It’s Christmas time! ‘Tis the season for holiday fun and Christmas portraits. I love this time of year when the family gets together. It’s a great opportunity to mark the year by getting fun and unique family Christmas portraits. Brian Kraft Photography is taking appointments now. From newborn children to toddler, all the way up to the great grandparents- everyone is welcome! In the Denver studio or at your home or even at an outdoor location. We can photograph where ever works best for you- even posing in front of your beautiful Christmas tree. Contact Brian Kraft Photography now to book your family Christmas portraits.

Christmas-Portraits-Family-Brian Kraft Photography- www.BrianKraft.com

Christmas Portraits Denver Photography - www.BrianKraft.com

Christmas Portraits Children and Family - Brian Kraft Photography - www.BrianKraft.com

Wedding at Winter Park

Being a wedding photographer in Colorado is such wonderful thing. Anyone who lives in Colorado or even anyone who comes to visit would have to agree– the Rocky Mountains in this State are such an amazing place to be. They are obviously beautiful, but the air is also cleaner, the pace is more relaxed, and there are so many great activities to do in the high-country– skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, rock-climbing, and the list goes on and on. And of course included in that list is- having a wedding! The mountains are where my wife and I got married and I highly suggest it! So, being a Colorado wedding photographer gives me the chance to capture that experience for others and I’m so happy to do so!

Ashlie and Ryan’s wedding was located right near Winter Park and provided a scenic backdrop to their special day. Here are some of their photos from the day. And don’t forget to checkout even more wedding photos.

Wedding Dress Colorado Mountain Wedding www.BrianKraft.com

Colorado Bride Winter Park Mountains www.BrianKraft.com

Colorado Mountains Wedding www.BrianKraft.com

Wedding Toast Winter Park www.BrianKraft.com

Wedding Winter Park Colorado www.BrianKraft.com

Colorado Bride Mountain Wedding Charlie's Angels www.BrianKraft.com

Groom and Bridesmaids in Winter Park Wedding Photography www.BrianKraft.com

High Country Wedding Photographer www.BrianKraft.com

Bride and Groom Rustic Cabin Loving Wedding Photographer www.BrianKraft.com

Aspen Wedding Photographer www.BrianKraft.com

Metro Denver Dental Society

These portaits I did were for the chairmen of the Metro Denver Dental Society (MDDS) and for the magazine- Doctors of Dentistry. This was also leading up to the big 101st annual Rocky Mountain Dental Convention at the Denver Convention Center which I had a press pass to.

I set up this photoshoot right on the edge of LoDo in downtown Denver in the hopes of putting the chairmen in the setting of Denver with the upcoming convention in mind. We were near Confluence Park as well which allows for nice views of the Rocky Mountains, another setting that seemed fitting to tie together with the upcoming convention. We didn’t have our typical blue skies, but that’s ok. Being a professional photographer in Denver, I like how there are great locations like this to photograph. The first image was for the magazine cover, which I needed to leave room for the title, as well as the callouts on the side listing the articles within. The second photo of the “suits” was for inside the magazine.

Rocky Mountian Dental Convention

Metro Dental Dentist Society Chairmen

Noah Turns 1

Adorable little Noah came by to be the star for his 1 year birthday. We did some shots in the studio as well as outside. He had a lot of fun and so did I. His mom was striving to become a better photographer herself, so I told her about the lessons I offer. She became one of my students and she’s on the path to becoming quite good.

portrait www.BrianKraft.com

portrait www.BrianKraft.com

portrait www.BrianKraft.com

Caretto Portrait Session

The Caretto Family got together around Thanksgiving time– all 11 of them. The Arizona crew came up to Denver and we were able to get them all photographed together and in different groupings and as individuals. I had photographed some of the kids before and it was great to see them again and see how they’ve grown. The littlest one was quite a sweetheart in front of the camera. I look forward to seeing them again next time!

Family photos Thanksgiving www.BrianKraft.com

family portraits thanksgiving www.BrianKraft.com

Kylie Portrait Session

Cute little Kylie came in with her parents to be photographed. She loved to pretend she could hear a little mouse outside the studio. That kept her engaged for sometime while we got a lot of beautiful portraits of her. One outfit she wore was her little Christmas outfit so we could create cards to send out to friends and family.

Portraits Christmas www.BrianKraft.com

Portraits Christmas www.BrianKraft.com

Portraits Christmas www.BrianKraft.com

Portraits Christmas www.BrianKraft.com

Update of Updates

Many of you are probably wondering where all my recent posts have been. Well, I’ve been just too darn busy to post updates recently. One of these days I’ll get around to catching up on my blog posts, but for now– just a big hello!

www.BrianKraft.com Wedding Colorado

Father’s Day Portraits

 What better way to spend Father’s Day than with your three kids acting silly in front of the camera. A few weeks ago I was hired to photograph this really fun family’s children’s portraits at their home in the Tamarac area of town. The two little ones are twins and the photos were for their one year birthday that their grandmother wanted to capture. We did some inside just having fun on the bed, we did some outside playing with their footballs and soccer balls and crawling around in the yard, and we came back inside to do some more with them eating. Their mom and dad wanted to get some “action” shots of them having fun with their food. I went away with a lot of really great shots and ended up delivering 100 great ones to them, which definitely exceeds the norm for a regular portrait session, but how could I not include so many when they were so cute! See more portraits…

Rachel and Scott’s Wedding- June 21, 2008

I’ve put up some of the photos from Rachel and Scott’s wedding. It was a fun time– a little more of an emphasis on “family reunion” than your average wedding. It was held right in Rachel’s parents’ backyard. Folks came from New Zealand (Rachel and Scott, and their entertainment), Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and maybe a few other places as well.

Architecture in Denver

I recently went around Denver with a focus on the wonderful architecture Denver has to offer. The city is filled with such an interesting range of styles from such varying time periods. I only spent a handful of hours photographing, but a photographer could spend a lifetime capturing the amazing structures and details in this town. For couples with upcoming weddings that are doing engagement sessions, keep this urban playground in mind for location options to get some really fun images!

Rachel and Scott- Engagement

These two lovebirds were fresh off the plane from New Zealand where they’ve been living for the past several years. They were only State-side, as they say, for around a week– enough time to squeeze their engagement photos in, just a few days before their wedding (photos coming soon!). They are both avid rugby players and actually met through the game. We did a few rugby related shots– with their older college jerseys on and some common rugby moves, one of which (the scrum) you’ll see here. These are some of the photos we did that day…


Photo Contest- May 2008

Well, I won the monthly photo contest again. For May, the theme was “Enemies.” The competition was once again very tough. Derek Wiebenson and Matt Pence– both entering some very good photos to make it a good battle. This was the last month that Matt Pence would be competing, very understandably so. He’s a very busy (and talented) guy who is a multi-annual award-winning music producer in Texas, co-owner of a highly regarded recording studio, as well as being the amazing drummer of bands- Centro-matic and South San Gabriel. His photos and participation will be missed. We do have a replacement in place– Gary Inglese in Chicago.

Two of my three “Enemies” entries made it into the top 3 most voted for…

 Photo Contest- Enemies- Bullet Hole- Brian Kraft Photography

Photo Contest- Enemies- Dandelion- Brian Kraft Photography

Harvest Week

In the early part of September here in Denver many of the top restaurants are taking part in the first-annual Harvest Week. In an effort to “go green”, support local farmers/ranchers/etc, and raise awareness, each restaurant is highlighting a meal from their menu that focuses on local products; whether it’s vegetables that are grown locally or wines made in Colorado or beef raised right here in the area. It’s a wonderful effort, not only for the folks who come to enjoy these amazing “home-grown” meals, but also for the restaurants themselves to make connections with local producers and hopefully discover the wonderful resources that are available right in our own backyard and to further efforts to minimize the “footprint” caused by shipping products in from such far away places.

Highland’s Garden Cafe is taking part and asked me to photograph the meal they’ve created for Harvest Week. Here are the photos from that photo shoot. And yes, I certainly did enjoy eating this meal after my work was done!

Three’s Company

Last week I had a photoshoot with some fun kids. Three siblings that are just laid back and were fun to work with. We did part in my studio and part at the park near my studio. Here are some of the photos from that day.

Angels with Paws

Colorado Galas and Bazaars in conjunction with Angels With Paws- rescue and adoption center held a fundraiser this weekend to help with efforts to keep animals-in-need safe, healthy, and into a good home. I attended the event as the photographer to photograph attendees’ families and pets. I also donated a portrait session, proceeds of which will go to Angels With Paws. If you have a good home for a little one who wants to be loved or if you’d like to make a donation to their cause, please contact Angels With Paws to do so! A couple of their cats that are looking for a good home…


Not Your Garden-Variety Gardener

I decided to tag along and photograph a couple things on the adventures of Elizabeth and her mom shopping for garden plants. We went to Dardano’s Flowerland, Denver’s longest running garden center to pick up what we needed. To say that Elizabeth gets excited about her herb/vegetable/fruit growing is a serious understatement. Elizabeth is able to pack in so many fancy heirloom varieties into the nutrient-rich soil she’s cultivated. Last year we ate very well out of the garden and were still giving bags upon bags of vegetables away to friends and family. This is the ‘year of the balanced garden’, however. Not to say we won’t have an excess, but a more balanced variety of excess– as opposed to the tomatoes we were swimming in last year off our 21 tomato plants! Wow. 



Brian Kraft Photography

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Post-Dinner Party

Sunday morning. After a fun evening at the dinner party we hosted last night. I thought that while I got together a handful of photos I took during the past week while doing nothing in particular (driving, walking, chilling) that the piles of dishes in the kitchen would have cleaned themselves. Boy was I wrong. I just checked and I’m pretty sure those dirty dishes have started to multiply. Well now that I’ve got these photos together, I guess it’s time to go clean the dishes. But first, let me ease the pain a little with pleasant reminders of the fun we had while dirtying those plates.

Elizabeth is the queen of the dinner party. Her menus and meals are always unreal– all from scratch. Russian cheese bread (inside- goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions); mixed spring green salad with candied walnuts, grilled asparagus, and a roasted shallot vinaigrette; creamy potato leak soup topped with roasted red peppers; pan seared swordfish in a parsley (from our garden) pesto; orange essence crepes filled with fresh whipped cream and covered in a lavender infused honey. Um, yeah. We all had a lot of fun dining outside on our patio in the perfect evening air. Lots of laughs. Lots. I think my cheeks are still hurting. Ok, the photos… 

OK, to the dishes…

Photography *Creates* Families

How can photography create a family??? Well, when it’s the Heart Gallery it does! The Heart Gallery– made up of a group of photographers volunteering across more than 40 States that photograph “waiting children.” These children are up for adoption and are the ones that have been longest on that waiting list. The program has received a lot of national attention, such as appearing on TV’s 20/20 in 2005 and 2006  I am one of those photographers for the Colorado Heart Gallery. The goal is for this highly visible traveling gallery of images to try to increase awareness and hopefully attract prospective adoptive families. The outcome measures do show that with each successive year the rate of adoption of these children continually increases.

 Heart Gallery

We are just now kicking off the initial work to get the 2008-2009 Gallery started. The Colorado Heart Gallery’s grand opening will be on October 6th, with musician Hazel Miller helping to kick off the opening at a location to be determined. The gallery will then move to a new public location every 6 weeks around Colorado for a full year. 

Typical adoption photographs…

“They look like mug shots,” said David Bergman, a Sports Illustrated Photographer who was one of the volunteers. “You can’t really get a glimpse into a child’s personality, or you really don’t know anything about them by looking at those pictures.”

I will be posting updates and my own work for the Gallery over the next few months. In the meantime, have a look at this video that takes a little closer look into The Heart Gallery at one of the other national locations– in Alabama.