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Cielo at Castle Pines – Wedding Photography

Cielo at Castle Pines – Wedding Photography. Oh, what a blast we had! Sometimes as a wedding photographer, I feel like I shouldn’t be having this much fun. I’m there to do a job — damn it — and certainly fun can’t be a part of that! …unless of course when the two people, whose loving bond you are there to celebrate, are exuding so much life and love, the fun just consumes you. You no longer have a choice, I guess. You just hang on for the ride and let it take you along! Well, Cielo at Castle Pines was the perfect place for it to all go down. We were blessed with one of our perfectly sunny Colorado days. And the couple, Faymie and Keith, brought together so many incredible people to celebrate with them. Their family and friends were there to shower love upon them… and maybe a little beer too! It was all a beautiful thing. But don’t just take my word for it…









When you’re a Championship Winning Denver Broncos Cheerleader, getting ready for your wedding can take on a whole new meaning!

















So much fun — love the unique first looks we get to do! Although, there was to be no looking until the ceremony!




The ultimate selfie!



Cielo at Castle Pines – gorgeous venue.







Love the classic black and white wedding moments.














60+ years of marriage. Pretty sure I saw them making out on the dance floor.




Denver Broncos Cheerleaders getting down on the dancefloor.









Many congrats to the amazing couple! Faymie and Keith — thank you for giving me no choice, but to have fun with you!

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Colorado Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Photographer. As you look at these wedding photos from Rae and Cody’s wedding, I don’t need to tell you that they are the fuel to a seriously fun-loving good time. I don’t need to tell you, because it’s clear from the photos that they have a certain kind of energy–an infectious energy that grabs a hold of you and you can’t help but smile. I knew this from the moment I met up with them for the first time for their engagement photos. And it was extra refreshing that even during those typically jittery moments on a wedding day, they were just having a blast! Good on them! Please enjoy, as you follow me and an invaluable wing-man–the amazing Matt Speck, as we meet up with the crew in Breckenridge, Colorado at the Thunder Mountain Lodge to get ready, before heading over to the stunning Arapahoe Basin and the Black Mountain Lodge–a place that makes me extra happy I’m a Colorado wedding photographer. The dramatic landscape makes for the ideal mountain wedding. And the staff at Arapahoe Basin are always such a pleasure to be partnered with. Please enjoy this fun, beautiful, elegant, and downright dirty-on-the-dancefloor wedding. I know I certainly did. Huge congrats and thanks to the super-sweet Rae and Cody! “Oh, yeaaaaahhhh!!!”


Breckenridge Thunder Mountain

Gorgeous Dress

Ring Boxes

Wedding Details

Breckenridge Makeup

Breckenridge Hair Stylist

Bridal Getting Ready

Cool Wedding Photos

Thunder Mountain Bridal Suite


First Shave

Groom Getting Ready

Natural Light Photographer

Touching Moments

Colorado Wedding Pics

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Funny Wedding Photos

Groom Portrait

Colorado Wedding Koosies


Wedding Colorado Photographer

Wedding Dress

Mother Wedding

Lacing Dress

Beautiful Jewelry

Wedding Photographer Colorado

Best Colorado Wedding Photographer

Colorado Photographer

Mountain Wedding Photographers

Touching Wedding Moments

Groom Gift Earrings

Beautiful Colorado Bride

Dad First Look Wedding

Dads First Look Wedding


Arapahoe Basin Base

Mountain Wedding Chairlift

Groom Ready

Colorado Wedding Flowers

First Look Arapahoe Basin

Mountain Wedding Kiss

Black Mountain

Colorado Rockies Mountain Wedding

Abasin Mid Mountain

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Wedding Program

Abasin Bar

Wedding Guests Arapahoe Basin

Wedding Guest

Groomsmen Photo

Bridesmaid Photo

Bridal Party Photo

Lodge Black Mountain

Arapahoe Basin Black Mountain Lodge

Colorado Wedding Table Decor

Colorado Elegant Mountain Wedding

Head Table

Black Mountain Lodge Photos

Colorado Wedding Cake

Colorado Chairlift Wedding

Abasin Getting Ready

Bridesmaids Moments

Bridal Portrait

Groom Portrait

Colorado Wedding Chairlift

Guests Wedding Riding Chairlift

Bride Dad

Wedding Processional Chairlift

Arapahoe Basin Black Mountain Lodge

Groom Mom

Dad Walking Daughter Colorado Wedding

Groom First Look

Bride Seeing Groom

Dad Hand Off Bride Daughter

Black Mountain Lodge Wedding Ceremony

Colorado Photographer Wedding

Black Lodge Wedding Venue

Wedding Deck Abasin

Shoot Through

Colorado Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Photographer Colorado

Tying Knot


Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Incredible Wedding Moments


Photographer Colroado Wedding

Power Couple

Black White Portrait

Goofy Wedding Photos

 Mountain Portraits

Funny Wedding Photos

Artistic Wedding Photographer

Romantic Kiss

Mountain Couple

Romantic Photo

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Natural Bouquet

Custom Champagne Flutes

Reception Black Mountain Lodge

Fun Loving Couple

Selfie Stick Wedding

Selfie Stick Wedding Photography

Bride Visiting

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Creative Photographers


Arapahoe Basin Reception

Arapahoe Basin Reception Photos

Emotional Moments


Wedding Toasts

Lovely Details

Mountain Lodge Wedding


Beautiful Moment

Crying Dad

Crying Dad Speech

Crying Speech

Wedding Reception Fun

Toast Bride Groom

Colorado Creative Mountain Wedding Photographer

First Dance

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Black Mountain Lodge Wedding Reception

Sparkler Sign

Black Mountain Lodge Night

Wedding Sparkler Safety

Sparkler Exit Photography

Sparkler Exit Kiss Photos

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Colorado Backyard Wedding

Colorado Backyard Wedding. When you think of a DIY backyard wedding in Colorado, you tend to think of a nice spot under a tree out back, with a few close family and friends and modest decorations of flowers and cute signs. Although, DIY has been taking an even more elaborate approach and the more artistic couples bring things to an even grander scale. Well, when the backyard happens to be a large field that sits beside the mountain home, with the most perfect view of the Colorado mountains, and when the bride runs her own event planning business, things tends to go to an even more amazing level. Bride and groom, Kristen and Jonathan, created a classy, elegant, and artful DIY wedding, that stayed intimate and really special for everyone that was there–including a couple of photographers–me and Brooke Trexler (thanks, Brooke!). The location, up in the Indian Hills area of Colorado, was the perfect backdrop for a tent to be set up and for beautiful and romantic and fun moments to unfold. And from a photojournalistic wedding photographer–unfold they did! Enjoy the good times in these photos and feel the love for Kristen and Jonathan and their Colorado backyard wedding!

DIY Wedding Signs

Classy Wedding

Artful Wedding Photography

Colorado Mountain Home WeddingIntimate Wedding

Colorado Wedding- Backyard Mountain Home

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographers

Backyard Wedding Colorado

 Photographers Colorado

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Beautiful Moments Wedding Photography

Backyard Wedding Sendoff


Colorado Wedding Sunset

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Black Mountain Lodge – Arapahoe Basin

Black Mountain Lodge – Arapahoe Basin. Being a mountain wedding photographer in Colorado, you’d think it was the magic of the scenery that would make the most lasting impression on me. Sure, the beautiful mountains at ABasin and the surrounding Summit County are simply gorgeous and hold a special place in my heart. But, it’s when you encounter really sweet and special people, like bride and groom–Kelly and Andy–that is what sticks with you. It’s their energy, kindness, and love for others and each other that frame each one of these photos. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this wonderful couple and seeing the love that surrounds them. And I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the amazing celebration I was honored to witness. And high fives to Michele Blake for her assistance during the day. Congratulations, Kelly and Andy!


Wedding Signs Black Mountain

Arapahoe Basin Wedding Details

Ring Photography

Summit County Wedding Flowers

6th Alley Wedding Photos

Cool Wedding Dress Photos

Arapahoe Basin Dressing Room

Emotional Wedding Moments

Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Wedding Photographer

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Arapahoe Basin Black Mountain Lodge

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Summit County Wedding

6th Alley


Neck Koozie


Black Mountain Chairlift

Black Mountain Lodge

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Groom Grandfather

Flower Girl Photo

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Wedding Dance Party

Crazy Wedding Dancing

Bride Groom

Arapahoe Basin Wedding

Black Mountain Lodge Wedding Photographer Arapahoe Basin

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Summit County Wedding Photographer – Sapphire Point

Summit County Wedding Photographer – Sapphire Point. Certain places are worth travelling to. Summit County certainly is one of those places–especially when it’s the site for your wedding. Chicago residents, Meredith and Jason, chose Sapphire Point in Summit County to have their wedding ceremony, with getting ready at the River Mountain Lodge and reception at Main Street Station in Breckenridge. It was a small intimate family-elopement style wedding. One where only the closest of family and friends made the special trip out to join the wonderful bride and groom. It was a beautiful day–even if the rain swept through for just a brief moment–it didn’t hamper the love and the fun of this elegant and classy wedding in Colorado. All the best to you, Meredith and Jason!

Mountain Photography

Aspen Wedding Photos

Classy Colorado Wedding Photography

Summit County Wedding Flowers

Summit County Wedding Photography

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Bride Getting Dressed

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Summit County Wedding Photojournalism

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Summit County Wedding Sites

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Summit County Family Photographer

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Summit County Wedding

Wedding Photographer Summit County

Summit County Wedding Photographer Sapphire Point



Breckenridge Wedding Sites

Main Street Station Wedding

Wedding Trinkets

Breckenridge Wedding Reception

Maggies Pond Wedding

Fun Family Wedding Photos


Wedding Speech

Raising Glass

Photographer Summit County Wedding

Mountain Wedding Photographers

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer – Keystone Mountain

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer – Keystone Mountain: I’ve got so many thoughts and feelings about Shannon and Jake’s wedding, but my mind just keeps coming back to just how sweet these two are. I got the chance to hang out with the two of them at a brewery a few months before their wedding–just to get to know each other. It was just plain fun chatting with them about anything and everything in the world. It was just easy. Two totally down to Earth people who clearly love each other a whole lot. And so on their wedding day, it was more of the same– a total pleasure to be with them. Turns out, it’s not just them–but their whole crew of family and friends are super fun too! There were a couple hiccups here and there during the day, but it was all perfectly ok. Everyone took it all in stride and it was just a blast. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the details that Shannon brought together for her wedding. This small sample of photos doesn’t do it justice. It was DIY to the max, but nothing came across as less than 100% professional in the execution of ALL of the fine details. Just amazing! Well, I’ll let these photos do the rest of the talking. Enjoy a glimpse into the wonderful day at Timber Ridge in Keystone, Colorado. And here’s to the two of you, Shannon and Jake!

Colorado Photography

Artistic Wedding

Creative Wedding Photography

Wedding Details

Bridal Prep Photography

Wedding Getting Ready Photos

Wedding Photographer

Mother Bride

Keystone Wedding

Fun Wedding Moments

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The Boys

Wedding Tie

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Keystone Gondola

Summit County Fall

Bride Groom

Colorado Wedding Photographer Keystone Mountain

Keystone Wedding

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Wedding Signs DIY

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography

Colorado Wedding Venue


Timber Ridge Keystone Wedding

Pintrest Wedding

Colorado Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bride Father First Look

Bride Father First Look


Father Daughter

Timber Ridge

Wedding Guests

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Keystone Wedding

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Colorado Wedding Timber Ridge Keystone

Wedding Couple

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Wedding Cake

Candid Wedding Photos

Timber Ridge First Dance Wedding Photos

Timber Ridge Reception Photos

Party Photography

Colorado Wedding

Wedding Grandmother

Sparkler Exit Kiss

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Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer. Words will never do justice for what went down one fine Fall day in California. This sampling of wedding photos begin to get close–but just kinda-sorta. I knew I was dealing with pure awesome when I started corresponding back and forth with Arija and Ryan by email. These two are SO DAMN FUNNY. Just to give the slightest, tiniest, tip-of-the-iceberg-ness glimpse into this wonderful couple and all their family and friends… Arija bought her sister (bridesmaid) a $12 80’s-era dress and dared her to wear it to the wedding. That’s good enough by itself, but her sister not only took her up on the dare, but wore it unabashedly and with incredible flair. That’s right–flair. It’s that kind of uniqueness that embodies how Arija and Ryan celebrated their love. They did it completely their own way and I am so thrilled they flew me out to California to take photos and be a part of it all. Thank you, guys! Now, let me get out of the way, so you can enjoy this tiny slice of their wedding photography. Enjoy!

Wedding Details

Best Wedding Photographers

Natural Light Photography

Ring Shots

Pacific Coast Wedding Photography


Unique Wedding Photos

Off Beat Bride

Interesting Wedding Photos



Seth Rogen

80s Wedding Photography

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Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

LA Lady

Wedding Couple

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Wedding Sunflower Bouquet

1342 Wedding Venue

Tropical Wedding

Wedding Venue 1342

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Sun Flare


Los Angeles 1342

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Wedding 1342

Los Angeles Wedding Venue 1342

Wedding Photographer Los Angeles

Wedding Guests

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Best Los Angeles Wedding Photographers


Los Angeles Wedding Location Urban

Creative Wedding Photography

Wedding Los Angeles Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Moment Junkie

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Father of Bride

California Wedding Photographer

Los Angeles Wedding Photos

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Loving Couple

Night Palms

Kogi Wedding

Los Angeles 1342 Wedding Reception


Nighttime Wedding

Photographers Los Angeles Wedding

First Dance Photos

Glam Wedding

Los Angeles Wedding

Seth Rogen Weed

Wedding Ice Cream


Crazy Wedding Photography

Wedding Glam Photography

Wedding Rager

Bride Groom Dancing

Wall Walking

Party Time

Girls Wedding Photos

Los Angeles Awesome Wedding Photographers

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Getting ready: Hilton Garden (Marina del Rey)

Wedding venue: Studio 1342

Snowbird Wedding Photographer – Sneak Peek Portraits

A Snowbird wedding photographer and their couple typically wouldn’t expect to get snow for their photos in August, but some things are just meant to be. The beautiful thing is–we ended up getting the best of both worlds. The snow had fallen overnight, but the day warmed up nicely, so we got to do some photography–even at the top of the mountain–and the temperature was just perfect. Here is just a quick sneak peek at a handful of the couple’s portraits we did on that fine day in August. Be sure to check back later when the full blog post is up!

Snowbird Wedding Photographers

Utah Wedding Photographer

Snowbird Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Snowbird

Wedding Photography Snowbird

Snowbird Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Utah

Snowbird Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos Snowbird


Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer – Arapahoe Basin

Being a Colorado mountain wedding photographer is always an incredible adventure. Katie and Huck’s wedding proved that to be the case–a few times over. The big hiccup of the day was the weather that was not exactly cooperating. I will tell you though–Katie and Huck kept their cool, like you would never believe. It was all positive vibes the entire day and it was actually really inspiring to see. In the end, with just a little waiting and a few drinks at The Legend’s Cafe and a mess load of ponchos, everything turned out to be absolutely perfect. Summit County’s Arapahoe Basin and the Black Mountain Lodge were the perfect backdrops to this fun-filled party.  Enjoy this sampling of wedding photos from the day and a huge congrats to Katie and Huck!


Colorado Wedding Dress



First Look Arapahoe Basin

Colorado Mountain Photographer

Mountain Wedding Photos

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographers

Colorado Wedding Mountain Photographer

ABasin Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Portraits



Groom Colors

Candid Wedding Moments

Legends Cafe Photos

Bride Flower Girl

Misty Mountain

Wedding Rain

Wedding Umbrella

Hail Wedding

Tailgate Wedding Photos

A Basin Rain

Kids Photos

Rainy Colorado Mountain Wedding

Creative Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Unique Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

A Frame

Chairlift Wedding Photos

Mountain Wedding Photographer Colorado

Touching Wedding Moments

Colorado Bar Wedding

Legends Cafe

Child Beer

Rain Ponchos Wedding

Fun Wedding Moments

Wedding Surprise

Arapahoe Basin Events

Mountain Rains

Bad Weather Wedding


Wedding Pics

Funny Groom Photos

Funny Wedding Photos

Wedding Chairlift

Groom Chairlift

Black Mountain Lodge

Black Mountain Lodge Seating

Wet Wedding

Black Mountain Chef

Wedding Cleanup

Rainy Wedding

Wedding Guests

Arapahoe Basin Ceremony

Dog Ringbearer

Wedding Processional

Groom First Look

Bride Father Phtotos

Black Mountain Lodge Ceremony

Black Mountain Lodge Deck

Wedding Dog

Fun Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography

Guest Cellphone

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding First Kiss Photos

Black Mountain Lodge Wedding Photographer


Bride Groom Chairlift

Colorado Bridal Party Photos

Denver Wedding Photographer

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography

Mountain Wedding Photographers Colorado

Wedding Dogs

Arapahoe Basin Wedding Photographer

Guest Books

Black Mountain Lodge Inside

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Reception Fun


Fun Wedding Photographer

Black Mountain Express

Wedding Party

Colorado Wedding Venue

Colorado Wedding Caterers

Mountain Wedding Photographers

Wedding Cake

Arapahoe Basin Wedding

Wedding Mountain Colorado Photographer

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photos

Wedding Colorado Mountain Photographers

Wedding Toasts


Father Speech



Bride Groom

First Dance

Groom Mother

Bride Father Dance

Wedding Dancing

Fun Photos

Black Mountain Reception

Black Mountain Dancing

Colorado Mountain Photographer Wedding

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Catamount Lake Wedding – Steamboat Springs Colorado

This Catamount Lake wedding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado was just picture perfect. I had photographed a wedding in Steamboat before, but I have not yet explored the area enough–because it’s clearly a really special part of Colorado. Wedding photographers’ paradise, really. The drive to and from Denver is just stunning, as the roads wind through some of the most unique and varied mountain terrain this country has to offer. So it was a real privilege when Joanna and Dan invited me to be their wedding photographer near this gorgeous Colorado mountain town of Steamboat. The Catamount Ranch and Club Lakehouse is quite simply beautiful–providing modern comfort with older rustic charm. The lake, the flowers, the willow trees–it was the perfect setting to celebrate the profound  love that is so clearly apparent between Joanna and Dan. In fact, it wasn’t just between the bride and groom–but the love amongst all the family and friends that were a part of their special day was quite obvious. It was wonderful to be a part of. So, before we get to their wedding photos, I want to  wish them many happy years together! Enjoy!

Steamboat Wedding

Catamount Ranch Clubhouse Lake

Rustic Wedding Dress

Catamount Lake Photos

Wedding Deck Lake Catamount

Bride Getting Ready

Rustic Mountain Wedding

Groom Photos Steamboat

Cute Wedding Photos

Fun Bride Photos

Flower Girl Outfits Colorado

Maid Honor Photos

Steamboat Wedding Flowers

Catamount Lake Wedding Photographer

Catamount Lake Wedding Ceremony

Colorado Lake Wedding Photography

Colorado Wedding Flowers

Flower Girl Basket

Catamount Lake Willow Trees

Bride Dad Aisle

First Look Bride Groom

Catamount Lake Wedding Photos

Creative Colorado Wedding Photographer

Steamboat Wedding Location

Candid Wedding Photographer

Outdoor Religious Wedding Steamboat

Wedding Prayer

Loving Wedding Couple

Catamount Lake Wedding Ceremony Photography

Natural Setting Wedding

Wedding Photography Catamount Lake

Steamboat Wedding Photographers

Catamount Lake Wedding Photo

Catamount Lake Wedding Photographer

Steamboat Wedding Photographer

Catamount Lake Ranch Clubhouse

Wedding Reception Catamount Lake

Loving Wedding Moment

Cake Cutting

Fun Wedding Moments

Wedding Photography Steamboat Springs

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Catamount Lake

Rustic Mountain Wedding Photography

Colorado Wildflower Wedding Photos

Colorado Wedding Dessert

Catamount Reception

Steamboat Event Photographer

Silly Wedding Photos

Catamount Lake Sunset Wedding

Steamboat Stars Clear Skies

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography – Cori and Chris

I just love a good Colorado mountain wedding–and no matter the size. It doesn’t matter if there’s 200 people or six, the love between the couple and the commitment being made is just as strong. This Summit County wedding was a good example of that. The couple, Cori and Chris, decided to bring along only their parents… well, and their wedding photographer… to be a part of their day–and to have their reception with a slightly larger group of loved ones a couple days later in Denver. It was a really comfortable group of folks to be around, although I must admit–part of me was feeling a little self-conscious. You see, Cori’s mom and dad had been wedding photographers for 20 years, and while they couldn’t have been nicer, there’s that looming feeling that those experienced eyes are watching my every move. When I come to my senses though, I know it’s just my own drive to want to do the best I can do for all my couples, regardless of who is there. Plus, I should probably feel honored (and I do!) that after being surrounded by wedding photography her whole life, that Cori wanted me to do her wedding photos!  So, please enjoy as we start off in Breckenridge at One Ski Hill to get all fancied up, before heading over to Lake Dillon and Sapphire Point. And many thanks to Dina and Stacy for helping with some of the wedding planning and for providing such amazing wedding flowers. And to many wonderful years together, Cori and Chris!


Creative Portraits

Bridal Portraits

One Skill Hill Breckenridge

Summit County Wedding Flowers

Wedding Groom Photos

Colorado Wedding Mountain Photography

Summit County Wedding Photos

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographers

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Summit County Weddings

Flowers Summit County Weddings

Photographers Colorado Mountain Wedding

Sapphire Point Weddings

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photojournalist

Small Wedding Photographer

Cute Wedding Moments

Wedding Photographer

Summit County First Kiss

Unique Formal Wedding Shots

Wedding Sapphire Point Photos

Summit County Wedding Photographer

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography

Summit Wedding Photographers

Bride Groom Photos

Artistic Mountain Wedding Photography

Couples Photos Wedding Colorado

Flowers Summit County

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Wedding Colorado Photographer

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photography

Lake Dillon Wedding

Peak 1

Lake Dillon Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers Colorado

Wedding Photographers Colorado

Summit County Wedding Photographs


Freelens Wedding Photography

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2013 Photography Favorites

Photography Favorites. As we celebrate a new year, it’s always fun to look back on the previous year of photography and all the great moments and people along the way. So that’s what this post is about. Now, there’s awful lot missing from this post too. I didn’t include any of the numerous wonderful family portrait sessions, or baby sessions, or commercial shoots I did. This has a little more of a narrow focus– mostly engagement photography and wedding photography, as well as just a couple “personal” photos thrown in for good measure. Even that had to be narrowed down–by a LOT! I started by throwing some favorites in the hat and then saw I had close to 1,500 photos that I absolutely loved. Way too many! So, finally… painfully… I cut that by more than 1/10th. So here we are– an incredibly thin slice of the awesomeness that was 2013! Thank you all who helped to make it such a great year. And just as much as I loved every moment here, I look forward to 2014 with just as much excitement! In no particular order…

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Copper Mountain Wedding Photographer

Copper Mountain Wedding Photographer. The last time we caught up with Kristin and Justin was during their Denver engagement session. They’ve been busy since then. Busy creating their own DIY wedding up in Summit County, Colorado. Copper Mountain to be exact. And when I say busy, I’m talking ‘spreadsheets.’ You may think Kristin is the one meticulously planning her special day with perfect rows and columns. She’s certainly been busy, but it’s Justin who’s been deep into making sure everything goes as planned. The reason I point this out, is because most grooms are busy saying things like “sure, ok dear, whatever you want…” Of course, all grooms dearly love their brides, but genetics can get the best of them. And so it’s very refreshing to see a guy so invested in making sure that, not only is his soon-to-be wife taken care of, but that all the guests have a really great and memorable time. And that’s just what Kristin and Justin created. Not just for one special day, but for four days–mostly guests from their homestate of Ohio–were comforted, offered a legitimate vacation in the Rocky Mountains, and certainly well-fed–thanks to their buddy, “Chef,” who they flew out from Ohio to divinely craft every meal for the two-large-mountain-homes full of their loved ones. The thing is, even though the wonderfully artistic couple (and their ring-bearer dog) were so involved in creating so much (like the flowers, bowties, decorating every last thing, even acting as skilled bartenders–which doubled as their receiving line), they remained the mellow, fun people that they are. To give you an idea–Plan A was to get married on a mountain top, but because there were intermittent bands of thunderstorms rolling through all day–mixed with beautiful sunshine, without any sign of disappointment, they went with Plan B and got married right inside one of the houses. And we ended up timing things perfectly and still got to go to Sapphire Point later that day to take some great wedding photos of the two of them. We also strapped on our lederhosen and ventured into Breckenridge to join the crowds enjoying Oktoberfest. So, what do you say we dive on into some of the photography from this fine celebration? Prost!

Ten Mile Range

Reflection Photos

Details Wedding

Wedding Table Decorations

Copper Mountain Home

Wedding Dog

Wedding Journal

Prepared Groom

Mountain Wedding Dress

Happy Bride Wedding Dress

Unique Wedding Shoes

Unique Wedding Rings

Mountain Wedding Hair Makeup

Colorado Makeup Artist

Candid Groom Prep

DIY Wedding Bowtie

Groomsmen Photos

Wedding Photo Reflections

Smiling Groom Wedding Attire

Cute Wedding Girl Dress

Ring Bearer Dog

Black White Bride

Candid Bride Prep

Candid Wedding Photos

Bride Thumbs Up

Copper Mountain Home Wedding

Wedding Groom First Look

Wedding Ring Bearer Dog

Copper Mountain Photographer Wedding

Mountain Home Wedding

Copper Mountain Wedding Couple

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Romantic Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ring Exchange

Mountain Wedding Kiss

Wedding Couple High Five

Home Mountain Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Bubbles

Copper Wedding Mountain

Mountain Wedding Drive

Swan Mountain Road

Beautiful Wedding Couple

Copper Mountain Wedding Photographer

Copper Mountain Wedding Photographers

Lake Dillon Wedding

Mountain Wedding Couple

DIY Mountain Wedding

Wedding Photographer Copper Mountain

Mountain Wedding Photographer

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Breckenridge Ten Mile

Summit County Wedding Photographer

Sapphire Point Wedding Photos

Copper Mountain Wedding Photos

Artistic Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Black White Wedding Photography

Mountain Sky

Breckenridge Oktoberfest Wedding

Breckenridge Oktoberfest Wedding Photos

Fun Wedding Photos

Wedding Dog Photos

Wedding Elopement

Breckenridge Peak 8 Wedding

Wedding Drinks

Artistic Fun Wedding Photos

Rustic Mountain Wedding Photography

Vibrant Wedding Photos

Mountain Wedding Pics

Fun Mountain Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photos Breckenridge

Classic Mountain Wedding Photos

Copper Mountain Photos

DIY Wedding Details

Wedding Details DIY

Wedding Entrance

Mountain Home Wedding Copper

Wedding Booze

Funny Wedding Pics

Wedding Toast

FOB Speech

Bride Reception

Teary Eyed Father

Wedding Couple Laughing

DIY Summit County Wedding

Sister Wedding Speech

Best Man Wedding Speech

First Dance Wedding Photos

Father Bride

Cute Wedding Dog

Bride Groom Bartending

Groom Bartending

Bride Bartending

Fancy Wedding Drink

Unique Receiving Line

Fun Wedding Dancing

Wedding Football Jersey

Fun-Wedding Couple Dance

Denver Art Museum Wedding

Denver Art Museum Wedding. What a fun wedding this was. Brian and Adam live in Los Angeles, but planned their wedding for Denver at the C. Duncan Pavilion at the DAM (Denver Art Museum). Adam and Brian both work in the entertainment industry and wanted their wedding to feel a bit like one of the movie premier parties they attend in Hollywood.  That, in combination with the couple having such a sense of humor and having family and friends that really know how to have fun, it was a sure recipe for a great day to celebrate their love. There were so many great moments all day and night, but one of my favorites was over at the Hotel Monaco, where the two grooms got ready in a suite together. They got to spend time together beforehand, but when it came time to get dressed, they did so in separate rooms within the suite and revealed their wedding day outfits once dressed. It was a really special moment. So, now I’m going to get out of the way with less words and get on with the photos, but I just want to mention one more thing. It’s a shame that I even feel the need to mention it– as it should be a non-issue, but as you enjoy these wedding photos of this wonderful same sex couple, please note how “right” everything is between these two and everyone that surrounds them, yet in the State of Colorado it is still not “right” (by law) to consider their union a “marriage,” with the benefits that come with that. Fortunately, Adam and Brian live in California, where they are finally offered the rights they so deserve. Hopefully all states will follow suit as soon as possible. Ok, now on to the photos! Congratulations, guys!

Civic Center Denver

Denver Cowboy

Denver Cow Town

Hotel Monaco Wedding

Hotel Monaco Wedding Suite

Wedding Same Sex Shoes

Denver Creative Wedding Photographer

Artistic Wedding Photography

Wedding Hotel Monaco Denver

Groom Photo

Photos Groom

Adam B Vary Wedding

Brian Houtz Wedding

Wedding Groom

Wedding Photography

Same Sex Wedding Rings

First Look Gay Wedding

First Look Gay Weddings

Best Wedding Photographers Denver

Retro Wedding Photography

Denver Same Sex Wedding


Wedding Reflections

Same Gender Wedding

Denver Art

Street Photography Denver

DAM Photos

Art Museum

Creative Colorado Wedding Photographers

Denver Civil Wedding

Civic Center Wedding Denver

Same Sex Wedding Photography

Denver Art Museum Wedding

Denver Art Museum Wedding Pics

Denver Art Museum Wedding Photos

Denver Art Photography

Art Museum Wedding Denver

Funny Wedding Photos

Art Museum Denver Wedding

Fun Wedding Photographer Denver

Creative Denver Wedding Photographers


Denver Art Museum Wedding Photographers

Adam Vary Brian Houtz

Denver Gay Wedding Photographer

Wedding DAM

Candid Wedding Photos

Duncan Pavilion

Flower Girl Dress

Wedding Duncan Pavilion

Wedding Same Gender

Emotional Wedding Moments

Wedding Adam B Vary

Duncan Pavilion Wedding

Brian Houtz Wedding Photos

Denver Wedding Venues

Wedding Reading Pics

Denver Wedding Art Museum

Denver Wedding Photographers

DAM Wedding Ceremony

Gay Wedding Photos

Emotional Groom

Denver Civil Union Photography

Gay Wedding First Kiss


Downtown Denver Weddings

Denver Art Museum

Wedding Duncan Pavilion Reception

Kevin Taylor Wedding

First Dance Same Sex

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Colorado Gay Wedding Photographers

Denver Art Museum

DAM Building

Unique Photography

Reception Duncan Pavilion

Colorado Flood Relief

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Wedding Toasts

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Best Wedding Photographers

Best Candid Wedding Photos

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Unusual Wedding

Wedding Love

Funny Wedding Portraits

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Fun Wedding Dancing

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Wedding Brian Houtz Adam Vary

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Funny Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos



Interesting Wedding Photos

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Denver Art Museum Wedding

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Estes Park and Stanley Hotel Wedding

This Estes Park and Stanley Hotel Wedding was a magnificent time. You never can be too sure about late-Fall weather at high altitude in Colorado, but boy did Courtney and Scott get lucky. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and despite the recent damaging floods in the area, (almost) all went off without a hitch in that respect. The ceremony was at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church in Estes Park. A stunning church, indeed. For the reception, we headed on over to the classic Stanley Hotel in the McGregor Room for some amazingly good times. Please enjoy these wedding photos and many thanks to my side-kick for the day, Megan Alvarez! And a huge congratulations to the wonderful couple, Courtney and Scott!

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

Stanley Hotel Wedding Photos

RMNP Hiking

Aspen Wedding

Groom Hiking

Wedding Activities

Unique Wedding Shoes

Bridal Prep Photos

Estes Park Hair Makeup

Denver Hair Makeup Artist

Creative Wedding Photography

Bridal Head Piece

Bridal Condo Estes

Cute Bridesmaids Photos

Grooms Attire

Wedding Bowties

Groom Handkerchief

Natural Light Photographer

Our Lady Mountain

Our Lady Mother Wedding

Estes Park Wedding Flowers

Great Colorado Photographers


Estes Park Churches

Creative Wedding Photographers

Sister Bride Getting Ready

Our Lady Mother Estes

Ceremony Program

Wedding Colors

Bride Father Moments

Grooms First Look

Touching Moments

Artistic Photographer

Our Lady Mother Church Estes Park

Our Lady Mother of the Church

Candid Wedding Phototgraphy

Mother Rose

Photography Wedding Creative Colorado

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Estes Our Lady Mother

Estes Park Our Lady

Weddings Colorado

Estes Park

Churches Estes Park

Church Weddings Estes Park

Estes Park Colorado

Estes Park Wedding Views

Estes Park Portraits

Estes Park Wedding Photographers

Stanley Hotel Photos

Stanley Hotel Wedding Photographers

Stanley Hotel Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Estes Park Hotel Party

Stanley Hotel Wine

Cute Kids Wedding

Reception Photos Stanley Hotel Wedding

Cool Wedding Shoes

Wedding Cake Estes Park

stanley hotel mcgregor room

Best Wedding Moments

McGregor Room Reception

Emotional Moments Weddings

Funny Moments

Wedding Reception Stanley Hotel

Funny Speeches

Stanley Hotel Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Stanley Hotel

Father Daughter Dance

Moment Junkie

Mother Groom Wedding Dancing

McGregor Estes

Stanley Hotel Dancing

Dancing Wedding Kids

Wedding Reception Stanley Hotel

Bride Groom Exit

Wedding Photographer Estes Park

Estes Park Mountain View Night

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Hyatt Regency Wedding Photographer – DTC

Hyatt Regency Wedding Photographer – DTC. I initially got to know Mitra and Scott when they asked me to shoot some family photography for them. I was so excited for them when a short time later they told me they had gotten engaged and wanted me to be their wedding photographer. Their engagement story is so touching, which you can read about along with their engagement photos I took for them. Their wedding was just classically beautiful–located at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency in the Denver Tech Center. The ceremony was in their atrium, which is filled with beautiful natural light. And we partied down in a wonderful ballroom. It was a beautiful thing to see such deep connections between family members and so many loving moments. I even got to witness a couple of budding wedding photographers in action, as you’ll see in these photos. Please enjoy and many congrats to Mitra and Scott!

Hyatt Regency

Beautiful Wedding Shoes

Design Works Events Flowers

Gorgeous Wedding Ring Photo

Artistic Black White Wedding

Bride Earrings

Hyatt Regency DTC Wedding Suite

Elegant Wedding Dress

Wedding Portrait Grandmother

Flower Girl Dress

Father Bride

Natural Light Wedding Photographer

Hyatt Regency Wedding Photography

Hyatt Regency Photographer

Colorado Groom Photos

Colorado Groom Pics

Hyatt Regency Groom

DTC Hyatt Regency Wedding

Hyatt Regency DTC Groom

Hyatt Regency DTC Groomsmen

Bride Father Ceremony Hyatt Regency Wedding

Groom Crying Photos

Cute Flower Girl

Atrium Hyatt Regency Wedding

Atrium Hyatt Regency DTC Wedding

DTC Atrium Hyatt Regency Wedding

Hyatt Regency Wedding Atrium

Funny Wedding Moments

Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center Wedding

DTC Hyatt Regency Wedding Photos

Beautiful Denver Wedding

Cute Wedding Denver

Hyatt DTC Wedding Photos

Hyatt Regency Wedding Photography

DTC Hyatt Regency Wedding Photographer

Hyatt Regency Wedding Photographers DTC

Hyatt Regency DTC Wedding Photographers

Hyatt Regency Wedding Photographer DTC

Hyatt Regency Atrium Stairs

Wedding Wine

Wedding Photojournalism

Personalized Wedding Champagne Flutes

Hyatt Regency Grand Mesa

Bridal Speech Wedding Photos

Touching Candid Wedding Moments

Wedding Toasts

Groom Speech

Great Wedding Moments

Grand Mesa Ballroom Hyatt Regency DTC

DTC Hyatt Ballroom Wedding

DTC Hyatt Ballroom Wedding Photos

Photographer Hyatt Regency Wedding

Photographers Hyatt Regency Wedding

Hyatt DTC Wedding Dancing

Hyatt Regency Ballroom Wedding

Hyatt Regency Ballroom Wedding Photographer

Hyatt DTC Wedding Pictures

DTC Hyatt Photographer Wedding

Colorado Candid Wedding Photographer

Hyatt Regency Wedding DTC Photographer

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Parker Wedding Photographer – Villa Parker

Parker Wedding Photographer – Villa Parker: I have been the wedding photographer at another Villa Parker wedding before, but I always try to approach each wedding uniquely, even if it’s in the same space. Once it’s all said and done, it ends up being quite easy to document and present something quite different–because so much is fundamentally different from each wedding. Different players– in the bride and groom. Different relationships, different personalities, different energy in the air, so many unique moments. That’s one thing I love about wedding photography– the “script” is never the same! And that was certainly the case with my lovely bride and groom on this fine Summer day in Parker. Jenny and Ben show such love for each other. It’s beautiful to see!  So, please enjoy these fun Colorado wedding photos– taken at the tranquil Villa Parker wedding venue, not far down the road from Denver. And many thanks for having me there, Jenny and Ben! Congratulations to you both!

Villa Parker

Blue Wedding Shoes

Grandmas Veil

Parker Wedding Makeup

Artistic Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Parker Wedding Photographers

Wedding Details

Parker Bridal Prep

Wedding Moments

Villa Parker Wedding Photographer

Denver Wedding Photography

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Villa Parker

Wedding Rings

Villa Parker Guys Room

Groom Mother

Villa Parker Wedding Photos

Cute Wedding Photos

Funny Wedding Moments

Parker Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographers Parker

Wedding Photographer Parker Colorado

Wedding Parker Photos

Parker Villa Wedding Photography

Loving Moments Wedding Photography

Parker Photographer Weddings

Parker Wedding Photographer

Parker Wedding Photographers Colorado

Denver Wedding Photographer

Couples Photography

Villa Parker Wedding Vendors

Wedding Photographer Parker

Wedding Champagne Flutes

Wedding Toast Photos

Villa Parker Reception

Best Man Speech

Black White Wedding

Parker Wedding Venue

Fun Wedding Dancing

Parker Bride Photos

Crazy Wedding Dancing

Bride Party Photos

Family Wedding Photographs

Wedding Photographers Denver

Bride Groom Love

Beautiful Wedding Photos

Sparkler Exit Villa Parker

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Summit County Wedding – Arapahoe Basin

Hailey and Robbie are two people who know how to have fun. And what fun they did have! So, I know that makes at least 3 of us. And I’m figuring probably many more, based on what I saw on that fine Summer day while taking photos. Hailey and Robbie came out to Colorado from Chicago to have their wedding in the high country of Summit County. Arapahoe Basin to be exact. What a stunning venue to have a wedding, with craggy mountain peaks surrounding us. Wild flowers were in full force. And love was certainly in the air. It was a pleasure and honor to be their wedding photographer. And a shout out to the other fine folks that made their day a great success– Kristina Rice for coming along to 2nd shoot with me; Meredith and Chris at Arapahoe Basin’s Black Mountain Lodge; DJ Bob for filling our ears with fun tunes; and the magnificent florists at Petal and Bean in Breckenridge. Congratulations, Hailey and Robbie! To many, many years of having fun together!

 Arapahoe Basin Wedding

High Country

Summit County Groom

Fun Wedding Photographer

Summit County Wedding Dress

Wedding Prep Arapahoe Basin

Window Light Photography

Summit County Wedding Photos

Wedding Details

Summit County Wedding Photographer

Wedding Chairlift

Wedding Chairlift Photo

Summit County Wedding Photographers

Summer Black Mountain Lodge

Arapahoe Basin Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photos

Chairlift Wedding Photo

Wedding Arapahoe Basin

Groomsmen Fun

Arapahoe Black Mountain

Wedding Photographer Summit County

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers Summit County

Arapahoe Basin Wedding Photographers

Mountain Wedding Photographers

Black Mountain Lodge

Bride Groom Entrance

Black Mountain Lodge Photos

Photos Wedding Details

Bride Groom Table

Wedding Photos Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin Bakery

Wedding Photographers Summit County

Colorado Wedding

Maid Honor Speech

Wedding Moments

Wedding Speech

Black Mountain Lodge Wedding

Wedding Toast

Wedding Fun

Wedding First Dance Photos

Wedding Dancing

Summit County Party

Bride Groom Dance

Wedding Photographers Summit County

Arapahoe Basin Moon

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Red Rocks Wedding Photographer

Red Rocks Wedding Photographer. I had the great pleasure of photographing Stephanie and Graham’s wedding at Red Rocks recently. It was a gorgeous Colorado day along the Front Range foothills to take some beautiful photos. A fairly intimate affair, with many guests coming in from the couple’s homestate of Tennessee, including their Nashville musician friend, Dave Kennedy, playing sweet tunes before the ceremony at the Trading Post and during the reception in the Rock Room. What a gorgeous area to get married, with the convenience of being so close to Denver. And being part of the activity and history that surrounds the Red Rocks Amphitheater made it that much more fun. So, let’s jump to it–please enjoy a selection of the bride and groom’s wedding photos! And let’s all hold up our lighters as we cheer on Stephanie and Graham on many wonderful years together!

Red Rocks Photos

Red Rocks Landscape Photos

Red Rocks Stairs Workout

Red Rocks History

Red Rocks Groom

Rocks Room Wedding Reception

Red Rocks Bridal Suite

Rocks Room Bridal Suite

Red Rocks Getting Ready

Wedding Bird Cage

Wedding Red Rocks Photographer

Front Range Wedding Views

Bird Cage Wedding Photos

Succulent Wedding Flowers

Red Rocks Trading Post Wedding Portraits

Wedding Red Rocks

Front Range

Trading Post Wedding Seating

Red Rocks Wedding Music

Red Rocks Processional

Wedding First Look

Lovely Couple

Wedding Trading Post

Front-Range Wedding Ceremony

Denver Area Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographers Denver

Red Rocks Wedding Photography

Red Rocks Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Red Rocks

Natural Light Wedding Photographer

Rock Room

Loving Moments

Rock Room Reception

Rock Room Wedding Dancing

Mother Son Dance

Father Daughter Dance

Rock Room View

Denver Wedding Cake Photos

Wedding Moments

Silly Wedding Moment

Red Rocks Reception

Rock Room Dancing Wedding

Colorado Wedding Photographer

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Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding

The Devils Thumb Ranch wedding this past weekend was really quite spectacular. It was nestled in the Colorado high country, just beyond Winter Park and Fraser in the mountains west of Denver. As you’ll see from the photos, the location is just stunning. That can’t be denied. But when you get a collection of so many really kind people together, that’s when everything just feels right–and the scenery just becomes secondary. It was an awesome honor to be Shelby and Blake’s wedding photographer. A huge congrats out to them! And it was also a real joy to work along side the fine folks at Love This Day Events and to rock out to awesome tunes played by Groove Nation. Ok, enjoy a little sampling of Shelby and Blake’s wedding photography!

Devils Thumb Wedding

Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding

Devils Thumb Wedding Photography

Colorado Wedding

Ranch Wedding Photos

Mountain Wedding Scenery

Colorado Wedding Photos

Wedding Guests

Devils Thumb Wedding Ceremony

Groom Bride Photo

Devils Thumb Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding

Wedding Devils Thumb Ranch

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding Photography

Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding Photographer

Denver Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Winter Park Wedding Photographer

High Country Wedding

Love This Day Events

Colorado Wedding Flowers

Colorado Wedding Guestbook

Wedding Cocktails

Broad Axe Wedding Photos

Devils Thumb Ranch Photos

Wedding Photography Broad Axe

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography Colorado

Devils Thumb Broad Axe Barn


Devils Thumb Wedding Venue

Devils Thumb Ranch Photography

Wedding Photographer Colorado

Wedding Photographer Devils Thumb Ranch

Colorado Wedding Band

Fun Colorado Wedding

Fun Wedding Photography

Super Moon Colorado

Devils Thumb Scenery

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Evergreen Wedding Photographer

Evergreen Wedding Photographer. I have several things to say. Like bullet points, without the bullets. This is was my first time back to Evergreen Lake House after photographing my very first wedding there several years ago. Things were different this time. Actually, besides the light being different, the Lake House itself was exactly the same. Exactly. What was different was me. Over the years I’ve really grown. In one way, I’ve grown to understand that I absolutely love to photograph weddings. I had no idea how much I’d fall in love with weddings when I was testing the waters many years back. I also have a much deeper understanding of my own photography–how to express the things that happen in front of me with my own unique photographic voice. Having that platform to operate from, I can more clearly focus on my couples and the loved ones that surround them on their wedding day. So, with a focus on my couple, let’s talk about Merissa and Teresa. They are awesome. They are in love. They are lovable. They make me feel honored, because they themselves are wedding photographers and chose me as their wedding photographer–to be there with them for their celebration. And they are awesome in many other ways. Teresa is a bad-ass nurse, who was recently awarded “Nurse of the Year” at her hospital. Also, Merissa is running another great artistic endeavor with her painting parties that you should certainly check out. They got ready for their wedding in what was essentially a tree house in the woods. They arrived to their ceremony in a canoe. They have some little people–of the young variety (like early-middle elementary school age)–in their lives that gave some of the best, most mature, heart-felt, and impromptu speeches I’ve ever heard before–even compared to very well-prepared adults. I could go on and on with these non-bulleted bullet points, but what do you say we just take a look at a small collection of the photos from their day. Enjoy! And many congrats to you, Teresa and Merissa!

Evergreen Lake Wedding

Evergreen Creekside Inn

Evergreen Highland Creekside Inn

Wedding Creekside Inn

Wedding Signs

Love Painting

Evergreen Creekside Bride

Evergreen Creekside Bride Prep

Evergreen Wedding Couple

Evergreen Lakehouse Wedding

Lake House Evergreen

Awesome Wedding Seating Charts

Awesome Wedding Centerpieces

Evergreen Wedding Reception

Digital Poloroid Wedding

Evergreen Lake House Canoe

Evergreen Wedding Photographer

Evergreen Same Sex Wedding

Ceremony Evergreen Wedding

Evergreen Ceremony Wedding

Evergreen Wedding Lantern

Evergreen Wedding Floating Lantern

Wedding Floating Lantern

Evergreen Lake House Deck

Evergreen Wedding Photos

Wedding Canoe Evergreen

Same Sex Wedding Evergreen

Martini Photos

Evergreen Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographer Evergreen

Wedding Photographers Evergreen

Lake House Evergreen

Lake House Wedding

Same Sex Wedding Photographers

Evergreen Wedding Photography

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Deer Photos

Lake House Night

Evergreen Lake House Reception Photos

Lesbian Wedding Photos

Reception Evergreen Lakehouse

Wedding Toasts

Bride Pant Suits

Wedding Toasts

Wedding Dances

Reception Drag Shutter

Wedding Direct Flash

Zoomed Flash

Evergreen Wedding Pix

Evergreen Lake House Sun Set

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Clocktower Wedding – Downtown Denver

Two things. Denver’s Daniels & Fisher Clocktower and Meow Mix. As unique as the first thing is for a wedding, a clocktower wedding requires little explanation apart from these photos. The second thing requires a little more explanation, if you weren’t in attendance at this fabulous wedding. You see, Jen and Gregg’s Best Man–Gregg’s brother–gave a most-engaging speech. He explained how, as the older brother, he used to make Gregg do things when their parents left the house–like eat Meow Mix. Even though these are just the kinds of things (some) kids do, as an adult, he felt a bit remorseful. So, as an act of true repentance, in front of all these folks, he volunteered to feed himself a handful of Meow Mix. And he did it. A handful, in the mouth, chewed up, and swallowed. Jen and Gregg–thank you for having me as your wedding photographer. It was a truly special time with the two of you and all your loved ones!

Clocktower Ceremony Location

Clocktower Wedding Dress

Clocktower Wedding

Bride Groom Photos

Clocktower Spiral Staircase

First Kiss Photos

Denver Wedding Clocktower

Wedding Clocktower

Denver Wedding Photography

Denver Skyline

Denver Sunset

Funny Wedding Moments

Spire Denver Four Seasons

Clocktower Night

Beaver Creek Wedding Photography

Beaver Creek wedding photography. I had not met Veronica and Carl until their wedding day. They came to celebrate in Colorado from Connecticut, by way of Texas and Chicago. I drove up to the mountains from Denver, curious as to what I’d find. More like, who I’d find. I knew the location was sure to be beautiful for wedding photography–The Wedding Deck on top of Beaver Creek–accessible by a gorgeous chairlift ride, as well as The Hyatt at Beaver Creek. I knew some of the other vendors were going to be great to work with, having been the wedding photographer at events with them in the past–wedding planners and florists, Dina and Stacy, from Petal and Bean; as well as DJ Courtney Hampton of Hampton Entertainment. But, who are Veronica and Carl? Wedding photographers always want to know what make their couples tick and I couldn’t wait to find out. Well, it turns out that Veronica and Carl couldn’t have been nicer folks. I immediately felt very comfortable with both of them and that set the stage for the day. The whole day and night was filled with love between Veronica, Carl, and their nearest and dearest loved ones that surrounded them to support the start of their marriage together. So, Veronica and Carl–thank you for having me as your photographer. And I hope you get to come back out to Colorado soon. For now, please enjoy this little collection of photos from your wedding day! Oh–and I just have to mention the cupcakes… oh boy… these cupcakes from Batter Cupcakes were ah-mazing! I stood in line, in the heat, for an hour, in NYC for Magnolia Cupcakes. If I am going to compare those or any I’ve ever had–worlds apart! Sooooooooo good!

Beaver Creek Photography

Beaver Creek Hyatt Wedding

Beaver Creek Wedding Flowers

Colorado Wedding Photography

Beaver Creek Wedding Dress

Wedding Shoes Colorado

Petal Bean Flowers

Beaver Creek Hyatt Bridal Suite

Bridal Prep Wedding Photography

Beaver Creek Mountain Wedding

Unique Wedding Rings

Wedding Tie Photos

Wedding Chairlift Photos

Wedding Sneak Peek Photos

Beaver Creek Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Beaver Creek Wedding Photography

Wedding Deck Beaver Creek

Wedding Photography Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Wedding Deck

Mountain Wedding

Beaver Creek Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers Colorado

Wedding Chairlift Colorado

Batter Wedding Cupcakes Colorado

Hyatt Beaver Creek Wedding Photos

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers

Denver Wedding Photographer

Denver Wedding Photographers

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Vail – Beaver Creek Wedding Photography

Vail – Beaver Creek Wedding Photography. Staci and Kyle came up from Texas to get married Colorado-style. It was a beautiful Spring wedding that took place at the Tivoli and Larkspur in Vail, as well as their wedding ceremony at the Chapel at Beaver Creek. It was fantastic to be able to spend the day with the two of them and their closest of family and friends, most of whom also came up to the mountains from Texas to celebrate with the lovely bride and groom. Thank you for making me a part of it. It was an honor. And here’s to many years of fun together and most imminently– enjoy your honeymoon in Maui!

Vail Beaver Creek Wedding Photographer

Chapel Beaver Creek

Vail Wedding Photographers

Ford Park Wedding

Beaver Creek Wedding Photos

Vail Wedding Photographer

Romantic Wedding Photography

Wedding Details Vail

Beaver Creek Wedding Chapel

Wedding Vail Photography

Vail Wedding Dresses

Vail Beaver Creek Couples Photos

Artistic Photography

Vail Bridal Photography

Vail Artistic Photography

Larkspur Vail Wedding

First Look Photos

Gorgeous Vail Bride Groom

Bride Flowergirl

Gore Creek Wedding Photos

Beaver Creek Chapel Photos

Vail Larkspur Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Photographers

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