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Best Wedding Photos of 2012

Here we are–at the end of 2012 and looking forward towards 2013. It’s always interesting to look back at the year’s wedding photos and pick out my best wedding photos of 2012. It’s really so exciting for me to look back, because I get to re-live the emotions of all the special moments–not just from these select few photos, but through thousands and thousands of wedding photos from this year mostly around Denver and other parts of Colorado. It’s an opportunity for me to re-connect with my couples and their families and friends, all gathered around them with so much love. I am so thankful to be a wedding photographer and to be a part of all of it. To all of my couples reading this– thank you!! So, even though there are tens of thousands of photos I sifted through from this year, I had to select this handful that resonates with me. They may not be the favorites of my couples or of anyone else, but there’s just something within each of these that I do enjoy. To be very clear–to pick these and only these, while omitting so many others that I also adore, is no easy task- AT ALL! If I had to pick next week, there’s a good chance the set would look fairly different–it’s just what strikes me now. Anyway, please enjoy this look back at 2012 with me. And I can not tell you how excited I am to create more wonderful images of my amazing couples’ weddings in 2013!

Denver Wedding Photographer 001

Denver Wedding Photographer 002

Denver Wedding Photographer 004

Denver Wedding Photographers

Denver Wedding Photographer 005

Denver Wedding Photographer 006

Denver Wedding Photographer 007

Denver Wedding Photographer 008

Denver Wedding Photographer 009

Denver Wedding Photographer 010

Wedding Photographer Denver 001

Wedding Photographer Denver 002

Wedding Photographer Denver 003

Denver Wedding Photographer 014

Denver Wedding Photographer 015

Denver Wedding Photographer 016

Denver Wedding Photographer 017

Denver Wedding Photographer 018

Denver Wedding Photographer 019

Denver Wedding Photographer 020

Denver Wedding Photographer 021

Denver Wedding Photographer 022

Denver Wedding Photographer 023

Denver Wedding Photographer 024

Denver Wedding Photographer 025

Denver Wedding Photographer 026

Denver Wedding Photographer 027

Denver Wedding Photographer 028

Denver Wedding Photographer 029

Denver Wedding Photographer 030

Denver Wedding Photographer 031

Denver Wedding Photographer 032

Denver Wedding Photographer 033

Denver Wedding Photographer 034

Denver Wedding Photographer 035

Denver Wedding Photographer 036

Denver Wedding Photographer 037

Denver Wedding Photographer 038

Denver Wedding Photographer 039

Denver Wedding Photographer 040

Denver Wedding Photographer 041

Denver Wedding Photographer 042

Denver Wedding Photographer 043

Denver Wedding Photographer 044

Denver Wedding Photographer 045

Denver Wedding Photographer 046

Denver Wedding Photographer 047

Denver Wedding Photographer 048

Denver Wedding Photographer 049

Denver Wedding Photographer 050

Denver Wedding Photographer 051

Denver Wedding Photographer 052

Denver Wedding Photographer 053

Denver Wedding Photographer 054

Denver Wedding Photographer 055

Denver Wedding Photographer 056

Denver Wedding Photographer 057

Denver Wedding Photographer 058

Denver Wedding Photographer 059

Denver Wedding Photographer 060

Denver Wedding Photographer 061

Denver Wedding Photographer 062

Denver Wedding Photographer 063

Denver Wedding Photographer 064

Denver Wedding Photographer 065

Denver Wedding Photographer 066

Denver Wedding Photographer 067

Denver Wedding Photographer 068

Denver Wedding Photographer 069

Denver Wedding Photographer 070

Denver Wedding Photographer 071

Denver Wedding Photographer 072

Denver Wedding Photographer 073

Denver Wedding Photographer 074

Denver Wedding Photographer 075

Denver Wedding Photographer 076

Denver Wedding Photographer 077

Denver Wedding Photographer 078

Denver Wedding Photographer 079

Denver Wedding Photographer 080

Denver Wedding Photographer 081

Denver Wedding Photographer 082

Denver Wedding Photographer 083

Denver Wedding Photographer 084

Denver Wedding Photographer 085

Denver Wedding Photographer 086

Denver Wedding Photographer 087

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Telluride Colorado Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Dean live in Tokyo, Japan, but they planned their wedding celebration for Telluride, Colorado in the Fall. They got in touch with me and asked if I’d be able to head from Denver to be their wedding photographer and take photos at the wedding. Let’s review… A wedding celebration. Telluride. In the Fall. That’s a recipe for pure awesome. And it was just that! And on top of all of that, Sarah and Dean were absolutely incredible, as were all of their family and friends. They even had the mayor of Telluride, Mayor Stu Fraser, marry them. It was at the beautiful Peaks Resort. And the views. The views! It was an absolute blast! So, please enjoy this small collection of photos from their wedding. And a huge congratulations to the wonderful couple, Sarah and Dean! Thanks for having me!

Telluride Fall Wedding

Telluride Wedding Fall

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Colorado Wedding Photographer – Keystone Wedding – Timber Ridge

You know when you have to take–not one, but two gondolas, across the mountains to get to the wedding, that it’s going to be good. And actually, the fact that the wedding was in Colorado’s high-country–Keystone’s Timber Ridge, to be exact, is helpful. But, that only gets you so far. What it really comes down to is the people. I felt connected to Courtney and Ben the moment I first met them. They are just so easy to be around and totally fun people. It didn’t stop at them though, as I discovered. The bride and groom have many amazing and amazingly funny people in their lives and it was just a super fun time being with them all. As a photographer, I love when you’ve got gorgeous views, unique moments, romantic moments, awesome dancing, and unique people around you–all coming together. So, thank you, Courtney and Ben for making me a part of the celebration! Congratulations, again!

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Denver Wedding Photographer – City Park

Oh boy! What a great wedding this was! Sarah and Erin, they got married. And as Erin’s father pointed out to them–“there’s nothing special about you two,” considering there have been weddings going on at Denver’s City Park Pavilion for years, and years, and years. In a way, that’s true. But what did make their wedding so special was that it was a celebration of two wonderful and loving women, making a big splash about their relationship. Two women not afraid to say in front of everyone- “hell yeah, we’re in love!” Of course, the love between two same-sex partners is nothing new. It’s been going on since people have been people. But, unfortunately, it’s still not celebrated by all and so there are plenty of gay couples that do not freely celebrate their love. But, Erin and Sarah are a great example of those courageous enough to widen the path for all–to feel proud about celebrating their same-gender relationships, just like every hetero couple. But as you can see in their wedding photos–they really are not different–they throw the best damn party anyone could. And I feel so honored to have been made a part of it. So, thank you, ladies! And congratulations! And a shout out to the wonderful vendors working along side of me– Events Unwrapped for their great wedding planning, Three Tomatoes for their excellent catering, Center Stage Entertainment for keeping the party rocking all night long, and artist-extraordinaire and bride, Sarah Wallace Scott for hand-making all the amazing centerpieces, cake-topper, bouquets, and more!

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Colorado Wedding Photographer – Willow Ridge Manor

A super fun wedding this was with Courtney and Mike! I knew from my first meeting and engagement session with them that they were both super laid back and that their wedding was going to be great. And that’s just what it was. We started out taking photos in Lakewood, Colorado just a bit outside of Denver, as the two of them, their groomsmen, and bridesmaids joined in the pre-wedding hangout– while everyone got all dolled up. Then the bride and groom and rest of the gang headed over to the elegant Willow Ridge Manor right against the foothills and right next to the little Colorado town of Morrison. Right around our arrival some crazy rain came in, but nobody seemed phased–everyone knew it wasn’t going to put a damper on any of the celebrating. And just like that, those rainy skies just blew on through and the gorgeous Colorado sun made its way back out and it was absolutely beautiful throughout the  ceremony and the entire rest of the day–just the way photographers like it! We got fun and unique photographs and a lot of crazy fun dancing photos too. So glad I was able to be Courtney and Mike’s wedding photographer. So, thank you, guys! And another big congrats to you two!

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Denver Wedding Photographer – Cherry Creek

A wedding in the city. At Denver’s JW Marriott in Cherry Creek to be exact. It was a beautiful Colorado day; perfect for Jenny and Cole to celebrate their love together. It was elegant and it was also fun–the best of both worlds. We got to photograph in some little nooks and crannies within the city to create some  wonderful portraits of the bride and groom and bridal party. But there were also great candid moment photos to be had, including when the party really heated up and everyone let loose on the dance floor. I’m so glad to have been a part of it. Thank you, Jenny and Cole! And another big congratulations to you! And thank you to the wonderful vendors I got to work next to, including Events Unwrapped for their always excellent planning, Design Works by Dave and Mike for their beautiful event design, the wonderful husband and wife videography team at K Hodge Films, Delilah’s of Denver for their gorgeous flowers, Mullberries Cake Shop, Brett Omara Music for the lovely string music, DJ Maestro for throwing down the dance tunes, and lastly JW Marriott at Cherry Creek for their hospitality and food.

Denver Wedding

JW Marriott

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Colorado Wedding Photographer – Boettcher Mansion

Robin and Sean, they got married. And it was good. We started out the day up the foothills from Denver in Evergreen, Colorado to get all dolled up with hair and make-up. Later we headed on over to Boettcher Mansion on top of Lookout Mountain for some good times and very special moments. The idea was to have the wedding ceremony outdoors, but there was a passing threat of inclement weather right around go time. Not a problem! There ceremony was equally as special, including Robin and Sean’s son being in the wedding, which was very touching to witness. It was a great time and this photographer loved to be around all of their family and friends to join in the celebration with them. The skies even cleared for the moonlight to come out and shine (last photo) on the lucky bride and groom later that night. A shout out to the wonderful wedding planners at Events Unwrapped, hair and make-up by Alessandra Salon, flowers by Oakesfields Florist, and all the other wonderful wedding vendors that worked hard to make it a special day.

Colorado Wedding Views

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Keystone Wedding Photographer – Timber Ridge – Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek with just a handful of photos from Courtney and Ben’s super fun wedding at Timber Ridge on the top of Keystone in Colorado. The scenic beauty is a photographer’s dream. And what a unique situation, when you have to take two gondolas just to get to the wedding! Keep your eyes out for more of a full set of their wedding photos in the future! A big congrats to Courtney and Ben! UPDATE: Full wedding post here- Colorado Wedding Photographer – Keystone Wedding.

Keystone Colorado

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Colorado Wedding Photographer – Backyard Wedding – Sneak Peek

Enjoy these initial few photos from yesterday’s intimate and fun backyard wedding of Michele and Derek’s. Colorado wedding photographers have so many opportunities to photograph at the numerous wedding venues in Denver and around Colorado, but there’s really something special about bringing it back home and celebrating with just family and the closest of friends in familiar places. Thank you for the opportunity, Michele and Derek! Congratulations and many years of happiness together!

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Backyard Wedding

Denver Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers Colorado

Colorado Wedding Photographer

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Breckenridge Wedding Photographer

When I was asked by Tampa, Florida couple, Julie and Chad, if I would be their photographer for their elopement wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado–I was all over it. I had such a great time photographing a similar intimate wedding from folks coming in from out of state last time- Breckenridge Wedding I was very excited to do it again! Of course, every wedding is unique, so I couldn’t wait to share in their special day as it unfolded. I met up with the bride and groom at the Park Avenue Lofts they were staying in and got some beautiful photos of the loving couple preparing to head out to Sapphire Point to exchange their vows. It’s probably the best view of Lake Dillon and the Ten Mile Range from up there. Colorado photographers take note! The three of us got in their limousine and went to enjoy each other and the  mountain views. Julie was wearing a classic wedding dress and high heeled shoes. I can’t count the number of people during the day that complimented her on the dress–and I have to agree–she looked just stunning! Sapphire Point was the perfect location; amazingly beautiful and also quiet and secluded during their ceremony… or so we thought! As soon as they enjoyed their romantic first kiss, we heard a resounding applause from down the trail. A couple groups of patient witnesses enjoyed the ceremony from afar, joining in the celebration, before passing through to share in the vistas and hiking trail. The rest of the day included the three of us bouncing around the town of Breckenridge to various spots–including some rustic scenery from the old west, feeding giant trout in the waters of the Blue River, enjoying an amazingly tasty crepe from the Crepes A La Carte stand along Main Street, and popping in for a beer at Modis. Heck, who says you need a crowd of people to see you do your first dance as a married couple–Julie and Chad enjoyed their first dance–just the two of them–and their photographer. And I was so happy to be a part of it all! Congrats Julie and Chad!  

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Black Bear Golf Club Wedding Photography – Sneak Peek

Here are an initial few photos from the fun wedding I photographed at Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, Colorado recently. Keep an eye out, as a more complete set will be following soon. The couple, Joaire and CJ, are just so sweet and fun, making them every photographer’s dream. I’m so glad they had me as their wedding photographer. I had such a blast with them on their wedding day and when we went into downtown Denver to do their engagement photos, which you can see here- Denver Wedding Photographer- Downtown Engagement. Enjoy these wedding moments and do come back for more! A big congrats to the wonderful bride and groom!

Black Bear Wedding

Grooms ties

Bride makeup

Black Bear ceremony

Wedding Vows

Wedding Kiss

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Colorado Wedding Photographer

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Black Bear Golf Club

Colorado Skies

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Parker Wedding Photographer

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Denver Wedding Photographer – Hair and Makeup

I love photographing hair and make-up before a wedding. So much so, I was inspired to make an entire blog post from a recent wedding–of only that special time before the wedding. The special time when there is an electricity in the air. The anticipation felt by everyone involved is intense. So much has led up to this point. And it’s a wonderful thing to see the transformation of a bride from beautiful to stunning, with the artistry of excellent hair and make-up artists. Please enjoy this sample of photos from Robin and Sean’s wedding… but only with a focus on that special time rarely seen by most. A collection of wedding photos from the entire wedding will follow shortly. A shout out to the team at Alessandra Salon for their excellent work!

Wedding Photographer Denver

Denver Wedding Dress

Evergreen Wedding

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Living in the Shadows

I had the great pleasure and honor of photographing a same-gender wedding yesterday. There were many, many beautiful and loving moments that I was able to document for the couple. Those photos will appear on this blog in the coming days. Unfortunately, in this country and in others–this kind of celebration of the marriage of two people that have a commitment as strong as any other and as real as anything you’ve ever felt–by some people, is not honored and often times strongly condemned.  Many of these couples and their relationships live in the shadows. I took this one photo yesterday to represent an enormous segment of the population that live and feel this way– unable to be completely out in the open and with equal rights. Fortunately, the lovely couple does push against this darkness and make their best efforts to live together as fully in the light as they can. The rest of the photos I will share will be that–the openness in which they live–with full light on them. And that is how it should be for all. (Please feel free to share to help bring everyone into the light).

Same gender wedding photographers

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Colorado Wedding Photographer- Genesee Mountain Wedding

I headed up the mountains just a bit from Denver to the town (is there a town?) of Genesee to celebrate the wedding of bride and groom- Nicole and TJ. I had only met them briefly, almost a full year earlier, and when I arrived on their wedding day I was immediately struck with how warm and inviting they were. Especially on a wedding day, where the folks at the center of it can be very distracted or nervous by all of the proceedings. Not to say they were not feeling jitters, but what maintained was that warm personal connection I saw; with me and with everyone around them. I love that! As you can see in their photos–they both wear their hearts on their sleeves. On several occasions through the day, I witnessed the beautiful couple–pause in the midst of it all, look upon the entire collection of all their loved ones that were there to celebrate their wedding, and breathe in with gratitude the fact that they do have such a solid connection of such loving family and friends around them. It was very refreshing to see. And as a wedding photographer, I feel such gratitude myself to be able to partake in such wonderful moments in people’s lives. Of course, mix into those special moments a dash of  amazing Colorado, with gorgeous flowers and beautiful aspen trees, some creative energy, and it’s a classic set up for a crazy good time. A big congrats to Nicole and TJ!

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Denver Wedding – Trinity United Methodist and Kevin Taylor’s Opera House

It was a fantastic (and HOT) Colorado day with Rachel and Ryan as they celebrated their Denver wedding. We started out with the ladies photographing at the Hotel Teatro in downtown Denver, while they got all dolled up. Everyone looked fantastic! Photographers make people look good, but when you’re starting out with such beauty, it just becomes too easy! Later on we met up with the guys at the Trinity United Methodist Church to make that special union between the wonderful couple. And after having some fun getting some interesting and creative photos with the fun bride and groom right in downtown Denver, we headed on over for partytime at Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House. It was a real blast. And a big congrats to Rachel and Ryan as they continue on their journey together!

Wedding Dress Photos

Cool Wedding Shoes

Bride Getting Ready

Wedding Photographer Colorado

Trinity United Methodist

Nervous Groom

Ring Bearer

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Kevin Taylor Opera House

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer – Aasha and Nabha – Sneak Peek

I recently headed up to Shoshoni Yoga Treat Center in the beautiful mountains of Colorado for the wedding of Aasha and Nahba. I must ask–are we Colorado wedding photographers the luckiest people? To capture amazing moments of love in the most amazing of locations– I would say so! Well, here are just a few initial photos of this amazing couple to share with you for now. I will be back with a more complete set of wedding photos coming up soon! Congrats Aasha and Nabha! Thank you for having me as your photographer!

Shoshoni Yoga Retreat Wedding

Wedding Photographer Colorado

Colorado Mountain Wedding Photographer

Colorado Wedding Photographers

Colorado Wedding Photographer

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Colorado Wedding Photographer – Hanging on with Love

Love is powerful. Last week, Ester Stark–age 94–who was not expected to live long, managed to hold on long enough to witness the wedding of her grandchildren, Robin and Sean. It is the love she felt for her family and the love her family felt for her that made it possible to be a part of that wonderful celebration. Happy–having struggled to her goal–a couple of days later, she knew it was her time and let go. I took this photo of Ester holding on as she lovingly watched the wedding of her grandchildren.

Colorado Wedding Photographer

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Villa Parker Wedding Photographer- Italy in Colorado

There’s a little taste of Italy in Parker, Colorado. That’s at Villa Parker –the wedding venue where Sarah and Nick just had their wedding recently. It’s a really cute place that has the charm of an authentic Italian Villa, but the best part is it’s right in Colorado. It sits up the top of a small hill, surrounded by natural features like aspen trees and other beautiful trees and flowers. Colorado wedding photographers don’t always get quite the European experience, but we were going multinational. Not only was Italy representing, but so was England–in the form of Sarah and Nick’s adorable English bulldog as the official wedding dog. The wonderful bride and groom picked a great spot and their wedding was pleasantly low-key, but really fun, especially when the dancing started really heating up! Enjoy these wedding photos and congrats to Sarah and Nick! And if you didn’t check out the great engagement photos we did together, be sure to check those out too– City Park Engagement Photography in Denver, Colorado.

Italian Villa Wedding

Aspen Wedding Photo

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Italian Villa Wedding

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Drag the Shutter

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Denver City Park and Museum of Nature and Science Wedding Photography

What a fun wedding! I was so happy to join Laurie and Colin and take photos at their wedding at City Park and The Museum of Nature and Science in the heart of Denver. Laurie is actually an excellent photographer herself and so it was such an honor that they chose me to take pictures out of so many other Colorado photographers. Thanks, guys! I started out with Laurie and the girls downtown while they got ready and then we headed on over to the park for the big party. The bride and groom’s attention to detail made it a truly unique day–so many cute and creative elements–romantic and funny moments too! And you certainly can’t go wrong with a rooftop party at the museum with the beer and wine flowing, especially when you combine it with–perhaps the best Colorado wedding band I’ve seen play. Doctor Robert–and they are an incredible Beatles cover band out of Crested Butte. Add in a photobooth, high energy dancing, and there were many candid moments to be had! Congrats to the fun-loving couple, all the best, and thanks again for having me!

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Downtown Wedding

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Shutter Drag

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Wedding Denver

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Christies of Genesee – Colorado Wedding – Sneak Peek

Two photos from yesterday’s wonderful wedding of Nicole and TJ at Christies of Genesee up in the foothills just outside of Denver, Colorado. What wonderful people they and all their family and friends are. It was a great time. Plenty more photos to follow after this quick little taste! UPDATE: full post now uploaded here- Colorado Wedding Photographer – Genesee Mountain Wedding

Denver Wedding Photographers

Colorado Wedding Photographers

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Villa Parker Wedding Sneak-Peek

A little sneak peek with a few photos from Sarah and Nick’s wedding at Villa Parker in Colorado which I had the pleasure of being the photographer of. It was a family affair with their “baby” joining in the festivities. Nothing says partytime like an English Bulldog named Nero! There will be many more photographs to follow, but in the meantime- check out these few, as well as some photography we did with Sarah and Nick at City Park in Denver a few weeks back- City Park Engagement Photography in Denver.

Wedding Dog

Villa Parker Weddings

Villa Parker Wedding

Wedding Photographers Colorado

Colorado Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photography – Fuji X100

“The camera’s got soul” is what I recently heard famed photographer, Zack Arias, say to explain why he’d choose the Fuji X100– if he had to have only one camera for the rest of his life.  It sure does have soul, but it’s also the cause of many headaches to many people. The camera has a lot of things going for it, but even so– I regularly hear about people getting fed up with various aspects of it and selling it. But that soul– it’s a hard thing to shake. And so I’ve also heard lots of those same people that got rid of the X100, feeling like they needed it back in their lives and so turn around and buy it again! Despite its superb image quality, it is not exactly on par with its auto focus system, among other odd quirks. So, it doesn’t make for the most ideal tool to use when everything is on the line– like a wedding. It’s that very thing that made me want to, in fact, use it and only it at a wedding. I wanted that challenge. Less-than-ideal autofocus, odd quirks, plus the fact that the camera doesn’t have a zoom and so you’re stuck with a single 35mm perspective– which is a pretty wide angle when it’s your only one, you’re in a large space, and you don’t want to be up in everyone’s face to get the tighter shots– especially when you’re not even the lead photographer– those were some of the challenges presented to me. But, as I’m always trying to push my limits, this was the perfect opportunity to see what I and the camera had. Please understand– having extreme reliability in your wedding photographer is a number one priority and I would never have tried this as the primary photographer for one of my weddings. So, I was fortunate to be able to tag along with the great Chris Rebo. He and his couple understood the challenges and had no specific expectations for what I would produce. I drove from Denver, Colorado up to Cheyenne, Wyoming and met Chris, who had come in from Helena, Montana. I brought the X100 and nothing else. I had entertained the idea of bringing a Canon flash and a radio transmitter/receiver to do some off-camera flash during the reception, but then decided– no. If I’m going to shoot the entire wedding with the X100, then I’m not going to use anything else– at all. So I used the little built in flash, which I had only used once before– just to make sure it worked when I first got the camera. Another new approach I wanted to take– since my goal was to do everything in black and white, I set the camera’s viewfinder and image preview to black and white. All day, I was able to see in black and white and really pay attention to just those tones and not be distracted by colors. It was great. So, what was my experience? As expected– the camera was a joy to use– in that it is so small, so light, and so quiet. I didn’t feel the fatigue of carrying around all the other gear I usually do. Plus, I was able to blend in quite easily and caused zero noise distraction– even in the middle of mass. Certainly nowhere near what I can do with my two new Canon 5D Mark III cameras in terms of autofocus capabilities, but with the latest firmware onboard (1.21), even in very dark scenes (f2, 1/125, ISO 6400) the autofocus was keeping up… decently. Stationary objects– not a problem. Moving objects– was just ok. Anyway, enough of all that– let’s look at some photos!

Colorado Wedding Photographers 001

Colorado Wedding Photographers 002

Colorado Wedding Photographers 003

Colorado Wedding Photographers 004

Colorado Wedding Photographers 005

Colorado Wedding Photographers 006

Colorado Wedding Photographers 007

Colorado Wedding Photographers 008

Colorado Wedding Photographers 009

Colorado Wedding Photographers 010

Colorado Wedding Photographers 011

Colorado Wedding Photographers 012

Colorado Wedding Photographers 013

Colorado Wedding Photographers 014

Colorado Wedding Photographers 015

Colorado Wedding Photographers 016

Colorado Wedding Photographers 017

Colorado Wedding Photographers 018

Colorado Wedding Photographers 019

Colorado Wedding Photographers 020

Colorado Wedding Photographers 021

Colorado Wedding Photographers 022

Colorado Wedding Photographers 023

Colorado Wedding Photographers 024

Colorado Wedding Photographers 025

Colorado Wedding Photographers 026

Colorado Wedding Photographers 027

Colorado Wedding Photographers 028

Colorado Wedding Photographers 029

Colorado Wedding Photographers 030

Colorado Wedding Photographers 031

Colorado Wedding Photographers 032

Colorado Wedding Photographers 033

Colorado Wedding Photographers 034

Colorado Wedding Photographers 035

Colorado Wedding Photographers 036

Colorado Wedding Photographers 037

Fuji X100 Wedding Photos

Colorado Wedding Photographers 039

Colorado Wedding Photographers 040

Colorado Wedding Photographers 041

Colorado Wedding Photographers 042

Colorado Wedding Photographers 043

Colorado Wedding Photographers 044

Colorado Wedding Photographers 045

Colorado Wedding Photographers 046

Colorado Wedding Photographers 047

Colorado Wedding Photographers 048

Colorado Wedding Photographers 049

Colorado Wedding Photographers 050

Colorado Wedding Photographers 051

Colorado Wedding Photographers 052

Colorado Wedding Photographers 053

Colorado Wedding Photographers 054

Colorado Wedding Photographers 055

Colorado Wedding Photographers 056

Colorado Wedding Photographers 057

Colorado Wedding Photographers 058

Colorado Wedding Photographers 059

Colorado Wedding Photographers 060

Colorado Wedding Photographers 061

Colorado Wedding Photographers 062

Colorado Wedding Photographers 063

Colorado Wedding Photographers 064

Colorado Wedding Photographers 065

Colorado Wedding Photographers 066

Colorado Wedding Photographers 067

Colorado Wedding Photographers 068

Colorado Wedding Photographers 069

Colorado Wedding Photographers 070

Colorado Wedding Photographers 071

Colorado Wedding Photographers 072

Colorado Wedding Photographers 073

Colorado Wedding Photographers 074

Colorado Wedding Photographers 075

Colorado Wedding Photographers 076

Colorado Wedding Photographers 077

Colorado Wedding Photographers 078

Colorado Wedding Photographers 079

Colorado Wedding Photographers 080

Colorado Wedding Photographers 081

Colorado Wedding Photographers 082

Colorado Wedding Photographers 083

Colorado Wedding Photographers 084

Colorado Wedding Photographers 085

Colorado Wedding Photographers 086

Colorado Wedding Photographers 087

Colorado Wedding Photographers 088

Colorado Wedding Photographers 089

Colorado Wedding Photographers 090

Colorado Wedding Photographers 091

Wedding Photography Fuji X100

Colorado Wedding Photographers 093

Colorado Wedding Photographers 094

Colorado Wedding Photographers 095

Colorado Wedding Photographers 096

Colorado Wedding Photographers 097

Colorado Wedding Photographers 098

Colorado Wedding Photographers 099

Colorado Wedding Photographers 100

Colorado Wedding Photographers 101

Colorado Wedding Photographers 102

Colorado Wedding Photographers 103

Colorado Wedding Photographers 104

Colorado Wedding Photographers 105

Colorado Wedding Photographers 106

Colorado Wedding Photographers 107

Colorado Wedding Photographers 108

Colorado Wedding Photographers 109

Colorado Wedding Photographers 110

Colorado Wedding Photographers 111

Colorado Wedding Photographers 112

Colorado Wedding Photographers 113

Colorado Wedding Photographers 114

Colorado Wedding Photographers 115

Colorado Wedding Photographers 116

Colorado Wedding Photographers 117

Colorado Wedding Photographers 118

Colorado Wedding Photographers 119

Colorado Wedding Photographers 120

Colorado Wedding Photographers 121

Colorado Wedding Photographers 122

Colorado Wedding Photographers 123

Colorado Wedding Photographers 124

Colorado Wedding Photographers 125

Colorado Wedding Photographers 126

Colorado Wedding Photographers 127

Colorado Wedding Photographers 128

Colorado Wedding Photographers 129

Colorado Wedding Photographers 130

Colorado Wedding Photographers 131

Colorado Wedding Photographers 132

Colorado Wedding Photographers 133

Colorado Wedding Photographers 134

Colorado Wedding Photographers 135

Colorado Wedding Photographers 136

Colorado Wedding Photographers 137

Colorado Wedding Photographers 138

Colorado Wedding Photographers 139

Colorado Wedding Photographers 140

Colorado Wedding Photographers 141

Colorado Wedding Photographers 142

Colorado Wedding Photographers 143

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Breckenridge Wedding Photography Feature

I am always so honored when a wedding I was the photographer for is featured on other sites out on the internet. This wedding was certainly an amazing one, as I posted about it previously here on my blog– Breckenridge Wedding Photography  One thing that made it so special, beyond the incredibly sweet couple that Beth and Mark are, is that it was an elopement wedding. Even though it was just the lovely bride and groom and nobody else, there was just so much passion and excitement between the two of them. The fine folks at BreckWeddings have featured their wedding and re-told the story of the day so beautifully. Please visit the featured wedding– Breckenridge Wedding.

Breckenridge Wedding Photography

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My Favorite Wedding Photos of 2011

Well, as 2011 approaches its end, I wanted to look back at the year we just had. And what a year it was! Congratulations to all the AMAZING couples that had their weddings this year. You are at the heart of what drives my intense passion of being a wedding photographer. I have had such a blast capturing all of these wedding photos around Denver and other parts of Colorado. Thank you all for the opportunity! Narrowing down my favorite wedding photos of 2011 that I’ve taken was no simple task. There have been so many great moments, I wanted to pick many more than this; however, I was very, very ruthless and came up with this selection of my ultimate favorites. Please enjoy! And I can’t tell you how excited I am for my weddings of 2012. I plan on continuing to push my limits, reach new levels with my photography, and when all is said and done – deliver these quality images to my couples that they can be excited about for the rest of their lives!


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