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My Favorite Engagement Photos of 2011

It’s time to look forward to all the wonderful things that 2012 will bring. I’m so excited for the road ahead- in particular to witness and help in creating the magic that will undoubtedly unfold with the amazing couples I’ll be photographing in 2012! But first, let’s have a look back at the incredible year 2011 was. I’ve put together my “Best of 2011 Wedding Photos” here, but I also wanted to take a look at some of the highlights of the really fun and beautiful engagement sessions I did with couples around Denver and parts of Colorado. There were so, so, so many great moments, so it was unbelievably challenging to narrow it down to just these engagement photos. If I tried again tomorrow, it would likely look like a pretty different collection of photographs, and again if I tried a week later. You’ve got to be ruthless with these, otherwise you end up with the longest blog post known to man! A big cheers to all my wonderful couples- past, present, and future! It’s a real pleasure to be your photographer!

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Colorado Wedding – Breckenridge – Beth and Mark

I had the great pleasure of photographing a most-intimate wedding up in the mountain town of Breckenridge this Fall. Beth and Mark contacted me earlier in the year from their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma and wanted me to join them as they came out to Colorado, just the two of them, to tie the knot. We met up at their place at One Ski Hill to get ready before going to a special location they had scouted out the day before to have their wedding ceremony, followed by the three of us poking around to various spots for some additional artistic photos. Once I had arrived and finally got to meet Beth and Mark in person, I was just so amazed at how sweet they were. Just such incredibly genuine and welcoming folks. I was so happy to spend the day with the wonderful bride and groom. They promised when they come back out in the Spring for some skiing, they would invite me to take some turns with them. I’m holding you to it, guys! Congratulations, Beth and Mark! ADDED: Beth and Mark’s wedding has been featured– please read about it here- Breckenridge Wedding Photography!

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Denver Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel – Morgan and Darin

It was a great honor to photograph Morgan and Darin’s wedding this Fall. They are such an incredibly sweet couple and I am thrilled that I was able to be there to capture the start of the bride and groom’s undoubtedly long and loving marriage together. Their wedding was at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Denver. If you’ve been downtown in the past year or even just looked at Denver’s skyline from afar, then you’ve definitely seen the new Four Seasons– the extremely tall building with the spire on it. The building is actually connected to my photography in an interesting way. When they were constructing it, they put on a big photography contest, open to all the folks of Colorado and asked photographers to submit photos that represent “what makes Denver special.” Out of hundreds of entries, the panel of 8 judges all selected my photo as their number one favorite. Wow! I actually won the whole thing! …Sorry, I’ve digressed! Getting back to Morgan and Darin’s wonderful wedding… It was a blast– from photographing in the hotel, walking around a bit downtown for some fabulous photos, and probably the apex of the evening was when they had a couple relatives join in with the band to absolutely tear it up and get everyone into a full-on frenzy! So, thank you, Morgan and Darin, for the great time. And thank you to my 2nd photographer Zack Girson.  Also a word out to Dusty at Cinepro Studios for their fantastic work making beautiful cinematic videos– it was a pleasure working along side of you. And finally, thank you to Nicole at RSVPShindig for  being so great in helping to plan such a great wedding! Now for some photos!

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Denver Wedding- Darcey and JB

Darcey and JB had a very nice urban wedding in a fun and funky space in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District. It was held at the Space Gallery and Darcey and the girls got ready at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa beforehand. Darcey is a stylist at Lucky Lu’s and keeps busy doing hair and makeup for other brides, but this was her big day. Did that stop her from doing what she’s so great at? Of course not– Darcey did her own makeup! Many thanks to the incredible wedding planner, Mark Paquette of Events Unwrapped, for doing such a fantastic job keeping everything so organized and elegant! Congrats, Darcey and JB!

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Denver Wedding Photography- Emily and Jesse

I got to spend some time poking around Denver with the lovely Emily and Jesse to capture some wonderful wedding moments with them. They are so much fun and could not be a sweeter couple (and individuals as well!). They have a great classic retro look about them that I loved photographing. Some of the places we went to photograph included the Four Seasons Hotel and the Brown Palace Hotel— two great options for a wedding in Denver. Thanks for the great time, Emily and Jesse!

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Ascension Lutheran Church Littleton and Wellshire Event Center Wedding – Michelle and Brent

Michelle and Brent’s beautiful wedding started out in Littleton at the Ascension Lutheran Church. They got ready beforehand in the basement and I must admit, it looked like… well, like a basement. Not quite as beautiful as it was upstairs, but we actually made it work very well with some creative photography and the use of some beautiful window light that was falling in through the little windows. After the wonderful bride and groom tied the knot, we all headed over to the lovely Wellshire Inn in Denver to their Events Center. There’s a golf course there where I took the couple around for some wedding photos. There were golf balls a-flying! And we only got yelled at by the course marshal a couple of times. Thankfully nobody was hurt and we got some gorgeous wedding photographs in the process. As day faded into evening, we enjoyed a splendid Colorado sunset and spent the rest of the evening dancing up a storm and having a great time. Cheers to Michelle and Brent and to many years of happiness together!

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Denver Wedding Photographer – Holy Family Church – Jamie and Nick

Jamie and Nick’s wedding started out at the Holy Family Church in Denver and ended up at Copperfield’s Event Center. One thing that made their wedding unique – at least for me – was that is was ultra-local. As in 2 blocks away from me. It doesn’t get any closer than that! Well, unless I hosted it in my own backyard. You’d think I’d just walk down the block, but alas that couldn’t happen, as I had to bring along my full set of studio lights for particular times of the evening. For someone who loves to walk, it’s such an odd feeling to drive 2 blocks away. Anyway, despite living so close, I had never been to Holy Family Church. It’s a Denver establishment and I was very excited when Jamie and Nick asked me to be their photographer for their wedding. There is always activity around the church– with the Jesuit school they have, the huge annual celebration they have one weekend each year, and of course their regular masses. It was great to be a part of the activity, discover what was going on inside, and more importantly, be a part of the bride and groom’s celebration of their love. Their family and friends had a great energy about them. A very Italian contingent on one side of the family, which always makes me think of my mom’s side of the family. Always an adventure! So, here is to Jamie and Nick– a big congratulations to you both!

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Colorado Engagement Session – Krista and Jethro

Krista and Jethro came out to Colorado from Pennsylvania to have some fun Colorado adventures, including doing an engagement session with me. We scheduled it on the exact date, 1 year prior to their wedding date. That added even more significance to our time together– sort of like a “pre-anniversary” photoshoot. Krista and Jethro were, without a doubt, a blast to be with. Things started out a little rough given that there were heavy downpours, but we were all feeling like nothing could get us down– not even a little (ok, a LOT) of rain. We started out under various overhangs and ventured out when it became a drizzle. Eventually, it cleared and we were greeted by a beautiful full double rainbow (what does it mean!?). And after spending time in downtown Denver, we headed more towards the mountains and with a change of clothes into their informal wedding attire, we took additional photos in the Colorado foothills. As the photos show, Krista and Jethro are very much in love and with their free spirits, we had such a great time!

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Breckenridge Lodge and Spa Wedding – Lindsay and Jordon

I had the opportunity to head back to a great spot I photographed at last year– The Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge (Amy and Aaron’s Wedding from last year). There are wonderful views there from the deck that look across towards the little Colorado town and beyond to the ski mountains of Breckenridge. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on those slopes in the Winter, so it feels a bit like home to me. It is equally special in the Summer time as well and this weekend proved to be no different. Lindsay and Jordon celebrated their wedding and a great time was had by all. Congrats to the wonderful (and sassy!) couple!

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Grant-Humphreys Mansion Wedding

Oh, the wonderful time I had photographing Lizzie and Dan at their wedding this past weekend in Denver at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion. They are truly special people. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me considering they were married by and introduced to me by equally amazing people, AJ and Joel. I also had the privilege of photographing their wedding a couple of years ago here in Colorado at Johnson and Wales University. I don’t think I need to waste the space here with words to describe Lizzie and Dan’s openness and love they share with the folks all around them. I think it’s expressed just right in these wedding photos (also see their engagement photos).

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Wild Basin Lodge Colorado Wedding

Congratulations to Rachel and Ryan on their marriage! Their wedding was a great time up in Wild Basin Lodge near Allenspark, Colorado. Rachel and Ryan’s laid back and easy  demeanor set the tone for a very relaxed wedding up in the mountains. The area provides a very scenic  and rustic country feel and makes it really fun to capture photos with that same sense. Most of the time there was a calming feeling surrounding everyone, except for one element– the Logoligi Dancers from Boulder! The African Ghanaian style group added a very unique and welcome change to the country mountain wedding. Super fun and intense, the dance and drumming troupe got people energized and ready for some foot stomping moments on the dance floor.  Take a look!

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Highlands Ranch Wedding- A Sneak Peek

What a wonderful time with Kristal and Steve at their wedding yesterday! They and all their family and friends were so much fun. Congrats to you two! Here’s a quick peek at a few photos before you head off from Colorado to your adventures travelling around Europe. Enjoy!

Denver Wedding PhotographerColorado Wedding Photographer Denver Wedding Photographers

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Red Barn Wedding at the Meadows at Marshdale – A Sneak Peek

A good time was had this weekend. An April Fools wedding is bound to have moments of surprise and humor. This wedding did not fall short! Here’s a little sneak peek at our fun loving couple.
Colorado Wedding Photographers by Brian Kraft PhotographyDenver Wedding Photographers by Brian Kraft PhotographyThe Red Barn at Meadows at Marshdale by Brian Kraft Photography

My Wedding Favorites of 2010

Best of 2010 – My Favorite Wedding Photos of the Year

I enjoyed every single wedding I photographed in 2010 so much. I decided I would take a look back and see what were my own favorites of the year. Let me know which ones you like best! It was very hard to narrow it down to this number of photos, but I had to– otherwise there would have been way too many! I guess that’s a good problem to have. So many beautiful brides, handsome grooms, amazing wedding dresses, and shoes! I enjoyed the variety of styles I was going for as well- modern, classic, candid, high fashion, mountain, country, and more. So many wonderful emotions and all so much fun! And I’m so lucky to be a Colorado photographer because there are so many wonderful locations and opportunities. Denver wedding photographers are also such a lucky bunch too because our weather is so often picture perfect. Enjoy these ones, let me know what you think, and feel free to also have a look at some more of my wedding photography.

Denver Wedding Photographers by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
Wedding Flowers Colorado by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
Denver Wedding Photographey by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
Denver Wedding Dress by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
Denver Wedding by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
Denver Indian Wedding by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
Bride Groom Photography by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
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Breckenridge Wedding Photographers by Denver Wedding Photographers Brian Kraft
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Beautiful Colorado Wedding

Marcy and John, the bride and groom, asked me to come up to the Beaver Creek area– more specifically Cordillera– to photograph their wedding. I was thrilled to! It was at the family’s “Woodhouse” vacation home atop the beautiful mountains with a stunning view of the Gore Range all surrounded by wildflowers, waterfalls, a pond, and plenty of other picture perfect elements. I hadn’t done their engagement photos or even met the lovely couple before– as they live in Texas– but they very much enjoyed my photography from what they saw online and wanted me to be there to capture their special day here in Colorado. Everyone there was such a pleasure to be with and it seemed like they really enjoyed me being there as well– I got lots of great hugs from so much of the family before it was my time to head back home to Denver. I love being able to create these beautiful images for people to cherish for their rest of their lives, while making great connections with everyone while I do it! Oh… and I have to mention their angelic little flower girl. She was just so sweet and full of life, wandering off in her own little world amongst the wildflowers like a wood nymph. And she didn’t mind one bit as I followed along with my camera to photograph her as she explored. Please enjoy these wedding photos and some of my other images at http://www.BrianKraft.com

Colorado Wedding Photography

Wedding Photos

Bride and Groom

Fun Wedding Photos

Flower Girl Colorado

Flower Girl

Destination Wedding Photographer – Mexico Trip

As any Denver wedding photographer will tell you- this area and all around Colorado is an incredible place for photography. But sometimes even the true Colorado diehards like a change of scenery. Some couples are making the decision to head somewhere a little more tropical for their wedding photography. When they’ve found the right photographer, it’s not that much more to bring them along when they understand the value of photography and how those photos will be enjoyed for a lifetime and handed down for generations beyond. Destination wedding photography is just as important as the wedding photography you’d want right at home, so it’s not advised to rely on a particular resort’s recommended photographer. Often since those photographers are usually trained on the job and were not originally hired because of their vast experience or creative eye. They are often loaned equipment that is not at the level you’d want for your wedding photography. For me, working both as a Colorado wedding photographer and as a destination wedding photographer I’m given opportunities to make the special trip down to Caribbean locations in Mexico or where ever the couple decides is their special destination location. It’s thrilling to be a part of people’s special wedding days and to provide photos that are special to them. Here are a few of the many special photos I captured on my last trip to Mexico for this wonderful couple’s destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Mexico
Destination Wedding Photographer
Denver Wedding Destination
Destination Wedding Photographers
Denver Wedding Photographers
Denver Wedding Photographer
Wedding Destination Photography
Destination Sunset

Denver Wedding Photographer – Indian Hindu Wedding

I’ve had the opportunity to be the wedding photographer at few Hindu weddings. As with even the traditional American weddings we have around Colorado and across the country, there are variations.  Weddings may follow particular traditions, but even within those traditions, couples often like to make their wedding special to them. I love seeing those personal touches that make weddings unique. The one thing that seems to remain the same in American weddings, however, is that the ceremony happens within one day. Not in the more traditional Indian wedding though! Often times Indian weddings last 3 days! And this one was no different! That’s a lot of celebration and ceremony! The particular ceremony I’m showing here was filled with many ceremonial elements– of course there’s the wonderful henna, the groom being welcomed by the males of the bride’s family, the separation with the sheet, the sharing of the garlands, the providing of food and drink, the fire’s role, burning of the rice, and feeding the fire with ghee, circling the fire while tied together, placing the bride’s foot on the stone, whoever sits first determines who will rule the marriage (it was the bride!!), and many other key elements. I find it all very beautiful and so much fun to photograph! For a Denver wedding photographer, there doesn’t seem to be as many opportunities to do this type of wedding photography like in some other more culturally diverse cities like New York City or San Fransisco. But there certainly is a community here and I look forward to future Hindu weddings or other types of cultures’ celebrations of marriage– I just love wedding photography!
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Wedding Photographer
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Denver Wedding Henna
Denver Wedding Groom
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Traditional Indian Wedding
Denver Wedding First Dance
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Denver Wedding

Red Rocks Engagement Photography

Just outside of Denver is an amazing place– Red Rocks Amphitheater. It has to be the most picture perfect place in Colorado to see concerts. Not only does it offer great music, but is a wonderful place to admire the beautiful scenery while hiking, biking, running, or just having a relaxing day out in nature. It’s also the perfect backdrop for photography– for an engagement session or for wedding photography. I went there with a nice couple, Amy and Aaron, whose wedding I will be photographing this Summer in Breckenridge. We had a very nice time together– getting to know each other better, discussing details of the wedding, and it gave them an opportunity to become comfortable in front of the camera.  Spending a couple of hours photographing couples before their wedding always proves to make the day of the wedding photography so easy for the couples. They know exactly what to do- whether it’s just being themselves during candid moments or falling into very natural poses. Here are some of their photos. To view more engagement photography, check out more here.

Wedding Photography in Colorado

Red Rocks Colorado

Beautiful Location in Colorado

Denver Wedding Couple

Natural Couple

Field of Flowers

Colorado Wedding

I photographed Kelly and Travis’ wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was. I just love being a Colorado wedding photographer because of all the scenic opportunities it brings. This wedding had some of that, but it started out in a most beautiful chapel. It was at the Shove Chapel in Colorado Springs. From a photography standpoint it was a challenge since the chapel is incredibly dark. But that is when having the top-of-the-line equipment comes in very handy. Any photographer with out the best cameras and lenses would not have been able to capture those beautiful moments in such a dark place. I have had guests of other weddings, with other photographers, in this very chapel say the wedding photos did not turn out at all. That is such a shame!! Many brides and grooms probably don’t quite understand the challenges photographers face with low lighting, so they should really be sure their wedding photographer has top-of-the-line cameras and lenses. I’m happy I do and am able to capture amazing photographs from the day! In fact, all of the outdoor photos shown here were taken at the country club after the sun had set. Without needing to use artificial lighting, I was able to exposure the photos with plenty of light– thanks to my high-end gear and knowing just how to use it. See even more wedding photography in more of my galleries.

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New Wedding Album | Denver Wedding Photographer

New Wedding Album | Denver Wedding Photographer

I’m proud to announce a beautiful new style of wedding album I’m offering my clients. They are absolutely amazing– handmade by Forbeyon and include very high quality materials and craftsmanship. I’ve been a Denver wedding photographer for a while, but not until now have I offered such a high quality product that I am so excited about. A flushmount album which I custom design for my clients- there are so many great options available- fine Italian leathers and contemporary materials, that can be mixed and matched anyway you want. You can also get a photo on the front cover in various styles, including printed directly on metal. You can also have text imprinted on the front and/or spine. I’m hoping the photos I took of my album do it justice, because it’s really quite impressive in person. As mentioned, I can custom design them in so many variations of colors, materials, textures, etc., but this one I did is a 12×12 album in Pearl Leather, with a Cinnamon Weave duo-tone, and a 6×6 metal cameo photo on the cover.

Please ask about all the other options available to you. I’d be thrilled to show them to you and help guide you in creating the perfect wedding album that you will cherish for generations to come!

New Wedding Album by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft Denver Wedding Photographer by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Amazing Album Craftsmanship by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Beautiful Flushmount Wedding by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Pearl Leather Cinnamon by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Duo tone album by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Handmade Craftsmanship by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Flushmount Forbeyon by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Custom Wedding Album by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Handmade Wedding Album by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Flushmount Forbeyon Album by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Amazing Wedding Album by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Flushmount Wedding-Album by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
Custom Design by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
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Handmade Album Wedding by Denver Wedding Photographer Brian Kraft
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Denver Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are so much fun. Most of the couples whose wedding I’m photographing also join me to capture more casual moments between them. We sometimes do more natural settings, in the mountains of Colorado, etc., but sometimes we photograph in a more urban setting. Downtown Denver is always so much for me as a photographer. There’s such an assortment of colors, textures, architecture, angles, etc. This photo shoot with Christine and Zach was great fun and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this Summer against the Foothills of the Rockies. Check out more Engagement Session Photos here.

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Fun Engagement Session

Engagement Session Portrait in Denver

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Denver Wedding and Engagement Portraits

Wedding at Winter Park

Being a wedding photographer in Colorado is such wonderful thing. Anyone who lives in Colorado or even anyone who comes to visit would have to agree– the Rocky Mountains in this State are such an amazing place to be. They are obviously beautiful, but the air is also cleaner, the pace is more relaxed, and there are so many great activities to do in the high-country– skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, rock-climbing, and the list goes on and on. And of course included in that list is- having a wedding! The mountains are where my wife and I got married and I highly suggest it! So, being a Colorado wedding photographer gives me the chance to capture that experience for others and I’m so happy to do so!

Ashlie and Ryan’s wedding was located right near Winter Park and provided a scenic backdrop to their special day. Here are some of their photos from the day. And don’t forget to checkout even more wedding photos.

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